4 Ways to Keep Your Cool


Article by Antiqua Lisha Libbey

How to Keep Your Cool

How to Keep Your Cool

What would it take to have your life fall apart around you while you feel calm and in control? What if I told you it might not take anything at all. During years and years of walking through my own storms and helping awesome ladies navigate through their own; what I have learned is that storms and drama don’t mix well.  

So what do you do, when all hell is breaking loss and you feel like life is crashing down? Let me share my secret weapon – it can be used in any storm, those on the outside creeping in or the worst of them, the ones that start in our own heads determined to pull us down. 

The 4 secrets to creating an oasis in the storm:

Steps 1|

STOP doing/saying/moving and take 3 deep breathes (this is the doing nothing at all)

Step 2|

Call on your higher power for help (back up support is magical)

Step 3|

Be quiet – listen to your heart and get out of your head. (Especially, if negativity is raining down)

Step 4|

Choose how to act (stop reacting) 

This works every time. Of course it’s best if you notice the storm before you drive into it, but even if you catch yourself after the fact and put these steps into action. You will find yourself more centered, peaceful and level headed. You’ll be impressed with yourself! 

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