Overwhelmed? 3 Keys to Maintaining Your Focus


Maintaining Your Focus

Maintaining Your Focus

Article by Heather Jadus
Photo Credit: Mike Nguyen
Magazine: Issue #22

I've always had trouble with focus. I'm a scatterbrain, shiny object grabber, idea every minute and no time to complete it, Type A person. My brain NEVER stops thinking about my business.

Sound familiar?

If you too are an entrepreneur then you probably have this same problem from time to time or even all the time.

I recently learned that there are 3 things I can do every day to keep my focus intact so I can continue to grow my business. What are they? Unfortunately, I can't tell you. Sorry. Do you want to punch me now? I would!  Hear me out first.

Here's why I can't tell you...  my three things and your three things will probably never be the same. In fact, my three things are never the same daily.

This is what I do. I look at my "to do" lists (yes that's plural, I usually have a few going on at once) and I pick 3 things I must accomplish that day to help my business. I like to call them my "Daily MUST, BIG 3".  I'm always realistic about my task choices and these 3 things have to be something that will help build my business. It doesn't mean that these are the only things I do that day, there are many tasks in between of course but those 3 things remain my FOCUS, my top dogs, my must do's. It just seems to break things down a bit when you are trying to accomplish 100 things... just pick 3....three to FOCUS on for that day.

This tactic has really helped me to hone in on what I really need to do instead of being totally overwhelmed by all the ideas that pop into my head and things to be done.  It places urgency on certain things and leaves the rest behind... for now. If a NEW idea comes up, I write it down.... on one of my lists. I know I'll get to it eventually.

What do YOU do to focus?

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