My Nail Polish is Toxic? No Way!

My Nail Polish is Toxic?

My Nail Polish is Toxic?


Article by Heather Jadus
Photo Credit: Anum Tariq
Magazine: Issue #17

Nail polish is probably one of the first beauty products that every little girl is introduced to. However a lot of the beauty products we use on our skin, are packed with ingredients that are horrible for us and nail polish is no exception. How often do you paint your nails and how long do you keep our polish on for? Your nails are porous like your skin, so you can safely assume whatever you put on to them will eventually make it’s way into your system. It’s a pretty scary thought isn’t it?

That is why there have been a slew of “3-Free, 5-Free and vegan” nail lacquer products that have entered the beauty market in full force. What does this mean exactly? 

Vegan, meaning cruelty free and not tested on animals and the polish itself has no animal by product. 
Here’s a break down of the toxins in most nail polish:

1| Toluene

This is used to help nail polish go on smoothly, it’s a polish thinner. Unfortunately, it’s a very abrasive chemical derived from petroleum.

2| Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

DBP helps nail polish from chipping and it’s basically a harsh plastic. Not exactly “breathable”.

3| Formaldehyde

This is gross…Formaldehyde is commonly used to preserve and embalm dead animals (and humans). Eeew!

4| Formaldehyde Resin

It’s a derivative of Formaldehyde that isn’t as toxic but can be an allergen so not having this in the polish is an added bonus especially if you have sensitive skin.

5| Camphor

It’s a plasticizer and rust repellent and it is very poisonous. Poison is bad.  End of story.

*“3-Free” polishes are free of 1 thru 3 above and “5-Free” polishes are free of all 5.*

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