Unleash Your Full Power Through Forgiveness - Part 1


Article by Arrameia Auraire Araiss



Dear Lightworker, Starseed, Earth Angel, Goddess and a Multidimensional Super Babe

Yes I know that you’ve heard this a million times and probably done it a few times too, yet I encourage you and invite you to look at this again and perhaps go deeper.

I know you are a beautiful soul, a kind person and have no intention to hold on to resentments, anger and grudges. I know you work on yourself often and do your best not to self blame and self hate. Yet, no matter how galactic and spiritually evolved we are, we still live and breathe in human bodies and are currently learning in Earth School.

The density here is no joke, and so even we get tangled in drama and low vibrations from time to time. A lot of us came here to teach others, but also to learn new virtues ourselves.

Luckily there is a super powerful tool we can all use to liberate ourselves from the lower vibrational claws and unleash our most blissful and powerful self as a result. It is called forgiveness. A beautiful, cleansing process that instantly raises our vibration and acts as a protective shield from all negativity. When we are protected and feeling our best it’s much easier to joyfully fullfil our soul missions on Earth.

I invite you to ask yourself a few questions.

Is your happiness level at it’s highest? Are you abundant and successful as much as you’d like to be? Are you healthy, joyful and supercharged with energy? Are your relationships loving, fun, fulfilling and flowing?

If you said no to at least one of these questions , the reason behind this might simply be rooted in a lack of forgiveness towards others and towards your self.

What happens in our energy field when we hold onto anger, resentment and old pain?

Based on my own experience and psychic perception, I see there are two main ways how this can manifest.

1. In relation to others and situations from the past.

When we have not forgiven somebody and therefore suppressed our anger and developed resentment towards that person, it is because it’s serving us in some way. We either think being resentful towards them protects us from being hurt again, (the very opposite is true ) or that by holding on to resentment we are somehow punishing them. In most cases it is because we haven’t understood and learned the lessons attached to that event yet.

Whether it’s because it happened in our early childhood and we didn’t have the understanding to be able to do so back then, or maybe later on in life we perhaps didn’t know how to deal with it, or simply didn’t want to face it.

Whatever the case, until the lessons are fully learned and acknowledged, it is very unlikely that our subconscious mind will let go of the resentment and be willing to fully forgive. In a way, resentment is like an internal memo that reads: “When the time is right, I’ll collect my lessons and then forgive. “ ( I’ll explain later exactly how to do the forgiveness process effectively ).

From an energetic perspective when we hold on to resentments towards other people, it looks as if we were dragging heavy iron balls on chains behind us that are slowing us down and also attracting situations and people of a low vibration into our lives. This is creating internal and external exhaustion and our power weakens.

On top of that, parts of our energy can be stuck with the people we are resentful towards, alongside constant energy leakage through unhealthy psychic chords that are present between us and the person we are resentful towards. This can also leave our solar plexus vulnerable to lower energies and energy vampires. ( Do you feel like skipping to “how do you forgive asap”? Don’t worry, we will be there shortly :-))

Forgiveness itself is the best protection because as we forgive, we lighten and strengthen our field.

When we don’t have chords, energy leakages and openings, other entities and lower energies have nothing to hook onto.

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