The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Client


Article by Denita Austin   Photo Credit: Carley Summers
Issue #32

Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Client

Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Client

We all could use a little color boost in our business and personalities. It took me a few years to really understand and embrace the power of color.

I was so comfortable with blues, grays, blacks, browns, and neutrals. I felt as though they were safe. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a neutral color lover but these are not colors that will push you further to create impact.

I would be afraid to approach a red or fuchsia.

I would tuck my head in the sand or look the other way. Those colors were too loud and screamed for attention. My personality wasn’t a match for that. Little did I know introducing myself to red, yellow, Ms. Fuchsia, and turquoise allowed me to step out and own myself and brand. These colors not only taught me about my personality but it also taught me how I handled my life and business.

After having an intimate conversation over coffee with a friend, she shared a little secret with me which was a healthy perspective that never crossed my mind. It’s as if a light went off in my head. She shared her perspective so passionately which spoke volumes.

"Denita, color helps us shine brighter in life. It gives us confidence and speak to our souls. Color speaks to our personalities on another level that we can’t even explain."

She shared with me that on a gloomy day, she chooses colors such as yellow, turquoise, or bright orange. Not only does it lift her spirits to become happier but provides therapy within her consciousness. I couldn’t believe it took me years to really understand this concept. Something so simple, right? I’m sure you already knew this, but I’m a late bloomer over here… 

Now let’s apply this to your business. When representing your business online, in person, or on promotional material, what do you wear? What color represents you? What color gives you the confidence and boost to conquer just about anything? What is that powerful color that seems to bounce off of your world and embraces someone else’s. The color that hypnotizes others to a level of pure vibrancy… There are plenty of women in business that wear colors to inspire when speaking, or colors that are simply contagious. It will make me say 'damn that color completely changed my mood and inspired me to strive for excellence'.

Color and style is everything. I encourage everyone to find their color(s) that provoke you to raise your head and stand tall in your power and leadership. Those powerful colors that force you to take ownership of who you are and what you stand for. This color can be used on your website or can be worn for every business gathering or function that you have.

Here are a few suggestions to find your color if you don’t already have one...

||Research Color Therapy Test Online. Find your color. This doesn’t have to be your favorite color it could simply be the total opposite. Try something new and fresh!
||Treat Yourself To A Power Color Day. Choose three power colors for yourself that will lead you to success in business and confidence within yourself. Purchase something new and fresh!
||Test It Out. For 30 days, take note on how you feel when wearing these colors and how you interact with others in business and your personal life. I guarantee you, it will completely blow your mind on the results. 

Share your comments below, I would love to hear your experience with color.

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