Secrets to Using the Law of Manifestation


Article by Liv Dzumaga

Secrets to Using the Law of Manifestation

Secrets to Using the Law of Manifestation

Manifesting is effortless; our thoughts and predominant beliefs naturally crystalize into life experiences. Desires are instantaneously granted; however, we all have faced a time lapse in mental desire and physical manifestation. The space-time complex, we experience as earthly beings, is responsible for the pause between where we are now and where we would like to be. This period of transformation allows us to ensure our state of being is a vibrational match to that which we want to create.

As we shift into a higher standard of comfort, we shed old beliefs and adopt different ones that serve the new version of us. Sometimes we demand newness in our current situation and yet expect our lives to remain exactly as they are; the skies part and plop down our envisioned dream life, a six-figure business and loving relationship. Believing we can manifest dreams, particularly the ‘larger’ ones, without leaning into uncertainty is contradicting the Law of Manifestation.

Our heart-centered yearning and refusal to accept encounters that are part of our journey cause resistance. Think of life in terms of a gaseous substance; when gases enter a container, they expand and fill whatever shape and size is chosen. Metaphorically, our lives are identically occupied in the borders we set; we fill up our canvases to their fullest capacity. Through understanding that our lives never have voids, we can understand the concept of ‘creating space’ for manifestations. Areas in our lives must shift to make room for our desires to come in.

Once we commit to a new reality, we activate preparation mode. When we, intentional creators, claim a desire we inherently ask for expansion. The Universe is present to the quickest path between the vision and us; therefore, it provides us opportunities to step into the shoes of our elevated selves. The contrast that arises is Higher Consciousness demonstrating its knowledge that we are ready.

However, if instead of seeing the challenge as a blessing we curse it, we interfere with our own growth. We are only ever faced with challenges that we are prepared to overcome. Misperception of a situation causes defeat; when we get caught up in the perceived issue rather than the multitude of tools available to us, then we close ourselves off from the vast help surrounding our being.

Desires are born and they become a catalyst for change; change requires adaptation to unfamiliar environments.

Uncertainty is the most certain characteristic of life on this physical plane. Learning to celebrate the unknown and trusting that we are guided in every step positions us for receptivity. Recognizing that contrast is the direct route to our vision assists us in seeing its hidden gifts. Letting go of that which no longer serves us and entrusting that each decision is for our highest good aligns us with the newest version of ourselves that we are incubating.

Evolving is essential to human nature. Discovering that the ephemeral life lessons that brought us to who we are in this moment will not elevate us into our freshly envisioned selves enhances the welcoming of contrast into our experience. The Universe continues to offer us lessons that we may find difficult at first; our growing pains lead us to the Higher Self we choose to become. Acceptance of these lessons’ transient nature begins to minimize unpleasant emotions we may feel for a challenge. Shifting into a new version of us requires conquering aspects of our shadow selves that come to light as we expand.

Trusting the Universe as it shifts people, circumstances, and places in or out of our life allows us to acknowledge the formation of space in our life to fill with new passionate experiences. Breathing into these inevitable transitions aligns our cautious conscious minds to accept situations as they are, rather than fighting and building up walls of resistance.

Imagining changes as curves on a river and flowing with them lets us enjoy the ride. Internal alignment, through faith and actions united with our Truth, shifts us into a higher vibration of existence. Absolute belief in the powers of the Universe comes from a combination of past experiences and understanding. Taking time, especially in doubtful moments, to think back on the successes we have created reminds us of our potential. Immersing ourselves in Truth about everyday magic creates understanding that the Universe is eternally working in our favor.

Embracing the process of an unfolding desire aligns us with joy; hence quickening the manifestation time because the Now is appreciated with keenness for what is coming. When we deeply comprehend that there will always be a higher apex we are striving towards, we can happily settle into the gestation period before physical form is created.

To align with the newest version of ourselves we can ask, if we were behaving from our greatest power, would we continue to think this way? Would we be here completing this task? If our answers are hesitant or a strong no, then we can question ourselves, what would we feel living in this new physical reality? Which vehicles for those feeling can we access in this current reality?

If we want to feel light and carefree, perhaps painting is an access point for that emotion. It is never really a physical desire we are striving towards but rather the feeling behind that desire. When we define the specific feeling we expect our manifestation to bring we can intentionally choose to tap into that emotion now. Emotions are powerful because they influence our thoughts and filter our perceptions of external situations.

Exercising our free will to choose feelings wisely quickens manifestation because emotions are vortexes of creation, attracting other circumstances to perpetuate that which we feel in this moment. Manifestation of thought form to material existence is an adventure of growing spiritually, evolving mentally and emotionally, and expanding infinitely.  

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