How To Manifest Your Desires in 2 Steps- Part 1


Article by Patricia Lynn Dominice

How To Manifest Your Desires in 2 Steps- Part 1

How To Manifest Your Desires in 2 Steps- Part 1

Co-creating our reality is one of the amazing and magical things we can do here on earth. Yet manifesting our desires is more of an art to humans, than the science we make it out to be.

Super tips aside, one thing you must do is heal your wounds and lighten your load.

How do I do that?

What does that mean?

Here are 5 steps that go along with the spiritual healing that needs to take place for you to co-create the life of your dreams.

1. Be Open - In order to change we must stop doing the things we are doing and start doing the things we are not. Mantras, affirmations, and speaking them out loud most of all were not my thing. They are now.

This is also how we exercise our intuition(YAY!) which also helps further our path. But just as you decide that something has to change, so you also have to realize and be open to recognizing new things that finding you to help you with this change.

2. Commit - This, for me, was the hardest. Whether it’s an ancestral wound or a present life one, DOING something is not always my strongest suit. Especially when it’s scary...and you know it’s going to get uncomfortable. PS - When you make the decision to do something, you are showing the Universe that you deserve all this abundance that you are asking for!

3. Trust - Whether you believe in Spirit/God/Goddess/The Universe or the in SOMETHING….even if it’s just your gut. We are designed with a highly sophisticated, all knowing, communication system. It is not just reserved for the wild animals to stay alive. You were created with this beautiful technology to be the greatest thing on the planet. There is no excuse. Use it. USE IT.

4. Failure - I have fallen into this trap more than once in the beginning. Once you begin down this path of spiritual awakening, it can lead you down all sorts of rabbit holes. Understand that you are meant to see these things….and honestly maybe even DO them….but don’t get sucked into the failure spiral. Failure is how we learn and grow….FAILURE. IS. AWESOME.

5. Embrace Change - One of my favorite lessons of this whole journey. Change was not something I looked forward to, even though I can’t stay in one place for long and love adventures. But change no matter how quiet or destructive is how we become. How we receive the things we are manifesting. It’s not always easy and we all struggle with it...but when the initial tears dry, see the lesson and see how your world changes.

So, Patty, now that I know what to expect...what do I do with this?

Use these 5 steps as guidelines, as tools. Holding these in your power arms you as a self care warrior….putting you in charge of your spiritual health.

Crazy, right?

We can’t heal everything in ourselves, but we can meet many of our wounds head on and heal it with only the love and light that we possess.

Check out Part 2 for tips to help keep that beautiful vibration high while you shift through the healing!!

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