3 Ways to Use Sexuality to Boost Your Creativity

3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

3 Ways To Boost Your Creativity


Article by Amy Levine
Photo Credit: Carley Page Summers
Magazine: Issue #9

Taking a break when you're working, whether it's from your genius or the daily grind, can be a source of inspiration and boost your creativity. Ultimately, giving you a fresh empowered perspective.

After all, there's nothing quite like a sex-related romp to get your creative juices flowing.

Infuse sexuality into your schedule and reap the rewards:

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Creative Expression Booster 1: Flirt with Your Desires
Do things you haven't made time for recently to decompress and get in touch with your sexual self. Experiment with a new look that unleashes your sensual side, check out a sexy hot spot in your hood, or take a trip out of town. When you do, your experience will be a source of inspiration and release any sexual and creative stagnation.

Creative Expression Booster 2: Fantasize
Get cozy, close your eyes and go on a sexual journey in your mind. Envision your most erotic encounter or create a new mini-movie with a few basic elements (who, what, where and when). Not only will you likely get turned on, but the power of "losing your mind" allows you to get in touch with your innate creative ability.

Creative Expression Booster 3: Get Down to Business
Take matters into your own hands and have solo sex or get it on with a partner. There's nothing quite like exploring your body or someone else’s and discovering uncharted territory. Of course, you can always zone in on the usual erogenous areas. The chemical cocktail that’s released during the “BIG O” will surely increase your creativity and confidence.

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