How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 3


Article by Maleah Jacobs

How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 3

How to Unbrainwash Yourself - Part 3

From A to B to C

People are struggling. All over the place, people are struggling with doubts and fears, with overwhelm, procrastination, frustration at their lot, having a harsh inner critic, resisting rising up because it is scary to emerge from your uncomfortable comfort zone.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Rising up doesn’t have to hurt. Each one of us has within ourselves the ability to rise up simply by changing our beliefs from lack to empowerment, from frustration to joy.

All of life is the out-picturing of consciousness: what we focus on expands, whether it be struggle, or triumph. We are totally responsible for our own experience of life. It is done unto us as we believe. Choice is our eternal birthright. We all have the ability and power to choose what we experience.

We can change our consciousness, but we can only change our own consciousness. As we give love we attract love. As we feel rich and full, abundance comes to us.

If you're struggling with doubt, fears of resistance, I invite you to ask yourself this question: what if I believed in myself 10% more? Sit with it.

Take a *deep breath*

Allow the feelings of confidence and empowerment to bubble up. Some other feelings may bubble up too. Allow everything to come up and out.

All of it.

Else it’s resistance. Resistance to our feelings that will, in time, show up somewhere, usually in our physical bodies because the body keeps the score.

When we allow our feelings to rise up, they come up and out, to be healed or to heal - ourselves and others. We don't always have to take big, giant leaps (although I do love the leaps!). Sometimes, believing in ourselves 10% more is enough to unlock that beautiful feeling of "YES! I can do this.”

Then do it!

Move forward in the general direction of your dreams. “Dream adjacent” is perfectly fine. We don’t have to know exactly where we’re “going.” We’re always right here, in the here and now, planning our outcomes with our now thoughts and feelings.

Here’s the key:

Rather than putting pressure on ourselves (and others) to do it all (and do it perfectly) now, go from A to B to C. Bit by bit. Step by step. It adds up. Every journey begins with a single step.

A to B to C =

● Results achieved

● Desired outcomes revealed

● A more mindful and intentional experience

● Spaciousness for The Universe to surprise and delight us

● Synchronicities playing out swimmingly

● Relaxed relationship with TIME

● The little things can take root

● The roots bear the fruits

● Fruition of our wildest dreams

● The opportunity to be resourceful with ease

and so much more.

When we jump to the future without knowing we’re outrageously supported, we can catastrophize. We’re humans who have been conditioned to think of the worst case scenario. The Stephen King of horror stories then percolates in our consciousness.

Catastrophizing is the habit of automatically assuming a "worst case scenario" and (inappropriately) characterizing minor or moderate problems or issues as catastrophic events. That’s a very sneaky form of self-sabotage because we can’t get it perfect and we never get it “done,” though we find ourselves putting stock into stories that simply aren’t true. They may be someone else’s beliefs.

Go forward boldly. We all want you to show up and show out, and shine.

Happiness is self-bestowed. Choose it. Choose happiness. Because, more than we are doers we are deciders. Once we make a decision to believe in ourselves 10% more, providence moves too.

So today, go out and have a great +10% day!


1. Identify 5 limiting beliefs that are not yours, but come from your background. Ideally these will be beliefs that you didn’t realize came from external sources. (ex. Money doesn’t grow on trees, we have to pay our dues, work by the sweat of your brow, etc)

2. For each belief, write out what your Truth which counters those beliefs.

3. Keep those Truths in the forefront of your consciousness on a daily basis.

4. Speak them aloud each morning as declarations.

5. Watch and revel in the shift this creates.

6. Celebrate your wins!

Life's Pleasant Treasures, Coming Home (a poem)

Just when you think it might be not great news

turns out the flash o' gold is not of the fools' variety

it's the real deal, it's at your feet, you get to pick it up

and revel in the terrific find and marvel how the silly mind

can play tricks on us by making us think

that we can't win unless we drink

the potion of victory supplied

by something other than

The Great Mystery

that comes from nowhere else but right inside

so plan all you want, endeavor always to succeed and

remember it's hard to beat someone who won't concede.

The Empress Festival

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