The Journey To Embodiment


Article by Annette Szproch

The Journey To Embodiment

The Journey To Embodiment

Grab a piece of paper and write down the 3 words that describe the world as you see it. Without thinking too much into it. The words you have written are a direct relation to what your inner world mirrors. Maybe the words you wrote reflect sadness/negativity or positive/ uplifting. Whatever they may be it’s time to own that! It’s time to bring light to our inner reality and use it to create a radiant life.

The way you think affects your reality. The power of the vibrations, positive or negative translate into manifestation of our life. This may be a hard pill to swallow especially if you are in a dark, low vibrational state. But the deepest wisdom comes from the depths of darkness. While we are in the negative chapters we may find ourselves living in victim mode.

 Victim mode is a dark spiral of blame on the outside world. Living in victim mode can look like this-

 Do you know a person who always blames someone else for their actions?

Do they act like the world is out to get them?

Do they seem overall unhappy in their skin?

Maybe this person is you or someone you know. Whoever it may be it’s important to check in with the mindset of that individual to understand why they are in this state. Take a moment to think-

How is the quality of self talk?

Is there a sense of taking care of oneself?

 How does change affect this individual?

 These reflections are meant to go deeper into self-study not self-pity, shifting out of victim mode. Living in a victimized state of mind makes you stay on a loop. If you mindset stays the same it is near impossible to make lasting changes.

Shifting from victim mode to embodiment mode is a powerful way to create transformation. Embodiment mode is shifting into acknowledging that you are the creator of your reality! Life has it’s ebbs and flows as do we and it’s time to honor that!

 Embodiment mode is empowering your entire being. Loving the flaws, owning the strengthens and following the heart which in turn leads to living a radiant life. But how to shift from victim mode to embodiment mode?

 The first step is being honest with how your mindset is and creating simple shifts. For example if you are living in fear mode and making your decisions based on fear, shift into love and gratitude. Instead of what you are scared of shift into all the beauty that is around you, internally and externally. Also, journaling everyday about how you are truly feeling will give you a perspective shift. While you are journaling, take a moment to shift into gratitude; write out 3 things that you are grateful right there and then. This will create a huge shift in your mindset.

 The second step is tapping into your self-worth. Once you establish a mindset shift, it’s time to acknowledge you are deserving of living an empowered life. Self-worth resides in your solar plexus chakra, located right above your navel. There are a few ways to help activate this energy. One way is through core work, so when you are feeling unworthy drop into a plank and find your strength. Another way is through mantra, which is a repetitive thread of words.

A mantra to help activate your solar plexus is:

“I am worthy. I can, I will, I do”

 The third step is start to create a vision for your life based on being embodied. Stepping away from victim mode and really entering your own personal power, create a vision from that space. You can do this by writing out a statement that highlights what you wish to attract in present tense. Also, you can create a vision board. On this board, put images of a life you know you deserve to live! Make this board visible so you can see it on a daily basis.

 Once you start implementing these shifts and recognize you are the creator of your life; change will start happening in your life! What we focus our mind, energy and time on will manifest into reality, positive or negative. This is your time to step into your power. If fear comes up around that, step into it! Fear is no longer the ruler of your life.It’s time to embody your reality and live a radiant life.

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