How To Leave The Struggle Behind


Article by Rachel Ringler

How To Leave The Struggle Behind

How To Leave The Struggle Behind

There is an American proverb that says, “Let go or be dragged.” Never has there been a truer statement. I guess it sometimes takes a bit of being dragged, and a few bumps & bruises along the way to learn the lesson within the lesson…that you get what you are willing to tolerate.

Without realizing it, I had invited ‘Struggle’ in and it took several years, and lots of inner work, to figure out that I never served notice to kick ‘Struggle’ back out. I had been harboring a fugitive…more like I unintentionally became a host to an unwelcome guest who way overstayed his welcome!

Oh, but when I was finally able to cut through the noise and really hear my inner guidance, I began to recognize the soft inner voice and the delicious depth of feeling that she brought along for the ride —along with the gifts of knowledge and inner strength, that I already had the power inside that I needed to heal.

Stepping out of conditioning and negative beliefs felt right & wrong at the same time.

My conditioning was so thick it had permeated each cell, and my poverty-minded shadow self was not going to give up control easily. A shift from the soul level was the only way to free my voice & my true Self.

Without realizing it, I had embodied fear (self-judgements, worth issues, lack, etc…) into the cellular level of my body and mind. When we allow our low-vibrational emotions like fear, lack, low self-worth, etc… to take control, we are allowing our subconscious to suppress and weaken our immune system—which can cause a whole host of unwelcome guests to get your attention! Not a good thing.

It takes belief, confidence, courage of convictions, and extreme trust in self, even within the occasional momentary lapses of doubt & despair. It takes knowledge and openness…a willingness to go into the dark & damp unknown and camp out there—until your inner muse gifts you with guidance shines her light. Waiting and working toward deeper meanings and answers that fit and feel just right. Trial and error through fire and wear.

Express gratitude for each lesson. Going through this process fuels your learning. It empowers your sense of self & allows the soul to shine her healing light.

Even now, after a consistent practice of re-conditioning, there are still cells that hold on to the old beliefs. When they pop up, I focus on spiritually lifting my vibration to a higher place. At this point the journey itself has becomes a sacred act. Sometimes this sacred act is listening to a podcast, or playing music that fills your heart.

This goes beyond positivity. This is healing forward. (#healforward)

Oh, there are still scuffs, scrapes, learning points and teaching moments still to come knocking at the door, but each time I stretch myself a little further to embrace the flow and the sacred act of healing forward. It’s not a blanket or a band-aid anymore. It’s a rinse and renewal.

Through this process I have learned much about the fine art of transformation and manifestation along this long rose & thorn lined path. Each day is a new day. Our core issues are the same now as they were thousands of years ago…the difference is that we now have so much more availability to the tools of manifestation for true transformation of our health, wealth, and conscious lives.

Freedom and Struggle cannot co-exist.

You have to choose.

Maybe it’s time to show one of them to the door…

Maybe it’s time to Heal Forward.

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