Why You Should Use Tarot as a Self Development Tool


Article by John Scardina    Photo Credit: Danielle Noel

Why You Should Learn About Tarot

Why You Should Learn About Tarot

I’ve been on a personal journey for some time now and have been introduced to many modalities that are healing, peaceful and filled with energy. This journey has been a progressive one and I learn something new with every step. Holistic health, herbalism, Reiki, Wicca, different forms of divination and Tarot. I’ve studied Tarot under a good friend and mentor for several years and tried within my power to never miss a class. They were great classes, a public and very social event every time, an atmosphere you never wanted to miss.

Tarot has given me insight in my life at so many levels. It has provided answers to questions that I’ve already had forever and would never grasp at. Tarot has taught me that I have always had all of these answers inside of me. It has allowed me to receive confirmation on events I would only waiver upon prior.

As The next step for me was something I would never imagined, that moment when your mentor looks at you and says “You are ready”! That awkward moment when I say, “WTF are you talking about”? That moment when someone expects you to do Tarot readings for others and actually receive payment for the effort.  This had never occurred to me before, I was happy reading for myself, doing divination and spell work with my Tarot cards, for myself and myself only.

Pondering this brief conversation with my mentor, I thought, if Tarot has taught me anything it is that being conscious of Universal messages is now a priority in my life. So, I did in fact accept that I was ready and was thrown to the wolves, so to speak, at a very large public event locally.

I sat next to my mentor under a tent with about twenty other readers of all types, all with experience, all women (yup I’m used to that part) and an overwhelming amount of energy surrounding me via hundreds of people walking about. As an Empath frankly I was ready to just crap my pants and go home, but remembered that “I was ready”.

The first person of the day sits down across from me for a Tarot reading and it begins, I first draw a couple of cards to let them know what the cards have to tell them for the day and continue on into any and all questions this person had to share. It was in this moment I realized nothing, I did not notice my breathing, I did not feel hundreds of people walking about, hell I did not even notice my mentor sitting next to me with another client.

When I was done with the reading this first person thanked me profusely, threw something additional in the tip jar, offered me a hug and went on with their day. I did it, I really effing did it and they did not demand any money back! This then continued on from open to close each day for three days that I committed to being there. It was an amazing losing my voice event and was glad I was offered this opportunity!

Any way onto the life lessons,

Tarot will:

  • Allow you to find answers, so many answers that you were afraid to ask or know.
  • Allow you to find peace and comfort with whatever lies ahead.
  • Allow you the ability to select energy modes and or block any external unwanted energy.
  • Allow you a path or zone that connects you to the Universe at a higher level.
  • Allow you to avoid fear of connecting with people at a deeper level. (People will share things during a reading).
  • Allow you to know there will be crying (someone could have warned me of this), oh the crying, happy, sad, and mad crying. And it’s ok to cry right along, (hell I did)!
  • Allow you to know that we are all connected and an important part of this world.
  • Prove (already knew this) that screwing around with Tarot is not Devil worship (seriously not).
  • Allow you to realize at the end of the day it is only a deck of cards, cards that offer insight and answers to questions you need confirmation.

Just try it for yourself, you will see the benefits!

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