The Quickest Way to Overcome a Creative Block


Article by Kelly St. Claire
Photo Credit: Mike Nguyen
Magazine: Issue #22

Overcome a Creative Block

Overcome a Creative Block

What happens when your creativity is blocked? How does it affect you in your business, relationships and money?

  • When you stare at a blank page
  • When you aren’t inspired to make art 
  • When you lack innovative ideas for your biz…
  • Even when you just don’t know what you’re going to pull together for dinner

What happens then? More importantly, how do you get things moving again when you’re feeling stuck?
When I feel a little ‘off’ and I am blocked when I need to be making things happen, I have learned that it may be time for a change of scenery, for a mental break, maybe even a..... Private dance break!

Movement and dance are powerful ways to bust through those blocks. 

Dance will blow through a bad mood, help ignite creativity and make things happen! Many of my favorite forms of dance focus on the hip area. I especially like belly dance. Connecting the hips with the sacred shape of the spiral or the circle. This stimulates the sacral area, which is a very important part of your physical and energetic anatomy, and is crucial to be in touch with that part of you if you’re going to create anything in your life!

The power of the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is located just under your bellybutton, it is the seat of your creative power. Getting in touch with it when you are feeling stuck is a potent way to kick-start your creativity. Think about it, that area is connected with your sexual potency, your womb (where life is created and grows.)

I’m not talking about learning to dance perfectly, it’s not about performing or your technique… It is about moving the energy through your body, letting go and allowing yourself to be wild and free.

Shimmy those hips, shake and vibrate your chest, twirl your head and allow your hair to be tossed all around. Spin your entire body, have fun with it! There are abundant classes and videos, but for this purpose, all you need is a little privacy and the willingness to act silly because dance is a form of play.


Find your music. 

What kind of music makes it hard *not* to move? What lights you up and brings emotion? When you are moved to tears or laughter through music, when you shimmy in your seat just because “that song” came on, it’s a pretty big clue that it is moving energy, which frees the creative impulse.

If you want things to happen for you or your biz, make it happen by finding your music and shaking what the Mother gave you! 

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