What it Means to Be in the Business of Influence


Article by Tamisha Ford
Photo Credit: Rose Jane
Magazine: Issue #22

Be in the Business of Influence

Be in the Business of Influence

Pun intended. The business of influencing people in your life and the actual "business" of influence. 

Really, you can't have one without the other. 

If you're in business, entrepreneurship, startup culture, blogging, etc., you're in the business of influencing others - people are watching you whether you realize it or not or want them to or not. You're a person of influence. You might just feel you're only influencing your dog or your Aunt Candie, but trust me, there's more where that came from. 

I've noticed that the businesses and people who seem to really expand their influence faster and wider are those who have these specific aspects at play.

1| Consistency. The nature of business is change, right? So how do you maintain consistency? Does this mean you can never re-brand, change your color palette or even your ideal clientele? Not always. This form of consistency isn't necessarily always tangible or seen. It's the way you show up, how you respond to your customers, how often you stay in contact with them, and if your brand message is always on point (it always agrees with itself, no matter where it’s communicated). 

2| Energy and Focus. Influence seems to be a by-product of the energy felt from a business, blogger, founder, CEO, etc. People can feel more than we realize online (we are those people too, so just think about it). I've noticed that the more energy I put into my business, the more inertia both I and my peeps seem to feel, and the more involvement we collectively generate. Considering energy means also looking at what you're putting in front of that energy - focus. Tunnel vision, if you will. Not becoming-a-hermit-&-shutting-people-out type of tunnel vision, but the type where you're dedicated to your vision and the big picture in every single decision you make. 


3| Service. This is a culture where people want to know a business is giving back somehow with its services and programs or that it's serving people directly and changing their life in some way through its services, programs, art, products, etc.  Like energy & focus, service is also felt and breeds influence.  If you really sit down to just bring focus to why you started, what is the reason beyond your own personal freedom?  I can share with you that my focus is on helping people be more comfortable in their own skin. I know FOR SURE this is a gift I have that is in direct service to the people who are drawn to me. What is that "thing" for you? What are you “in service” of? 

Influence wants to know.

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