Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business Without the Gimmicks

Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business

Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business

Be Fit and Strong in Your Holistic Business Without the Gimmicks

Article by Angela Anderson
Photo Credit: Angel Quintana
Magazine: Issue #22

You are a fitness queen powerhouse, but do you have well trained fat cells?

You are close to 40 years old, you have been taking amazing care of yourself for years.  You’ve made HUGE strides with your fitness & nutrition.  And now it’s crunch time.

Realization #1:  Weight loss is a gimmick. Cheat meals are ridiculous.  

You are doing everything right (at least you think), so why don't you have that hot body you've been working so hard for?  You are smart, you been around the block, but your lack of incredible results is grinding away at you like nails on a chalkboard.

There is an itching, nagging conflict in your mind telling you that you deserve a life (a sexy one too). Yet, you see fitness competitors, master trainers, and other fitness professionals working out for hours, eating 6X a day, carrying around their little food portion containers, and guzzling protein powders and you wonder if you have to follow their example in order to have an amazing body.  

You should be able to go out for a burger and have some drinks with girlfriends and STILL feel gorgeous and NOT feel guilty.


Realization #2:  You are not to blame! 

Low fat, portion control, mini meals throughout the day, counting calories, low carb, Paleo, Atkins, Southbeach, Zone . . . you name it - we've been hit up and many of us have believed and tried these plans.  Maybe you've had success, but it has worn off and you are back to the same, frustrated, tired, and too flabby you.

Realization #3:  You are a perfectionist.  

You find a fitness program or way of eating you love, it makes logical sense to you, it stimulates your brain, it brings out your passion and zest for life, it teaches you new skills and you go for it.  Yet, you are realistic enough to know that every plan has it's shelf life and as you grow and change as a person, so do your needs, wants, goals, and desires.
You are the type of person who always wants to keep learning and getting better.  You are ready to turn the jets on and BLAZE.

Most of the fat loss messages out there are drowning out your personal voice.  You can no longer sing because you are too busy chasing the words, advice, and tactics of other’s out there.

....STOP, take a breath, and connect with your inner dialogue.  It will guide you to where you need to go.  She will tell you when you’ve struck gold!

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