Why You Should Want to Be the Best Version of Yourself


Article by Anne Marie Mandler



Time. Isn’t it funny? Sometimes it seems to go by at lightning speed and other times you feel like you are moving at a snails pace. If you are a natural time-shifter, as Power Souls are, you may know that you have the ability to work with time.

Remember the day you had an appointment 10 minutes away and you left 5 minutes before your appointment knowing that you’ll be 5 minutes late.

Yet, somehow, you arrived on time.

Holy tea leaves, Batwoman!

How is it possible? You appeared to have transcended the laws of time, zoomed through traffic, passing people left and right. You seem to move effortlessly, like you are gliding through life in another dimension.

The thing is, for what is just a few minutes in what you know as the ‘time’ you’re used to operating within, you are experiencing life in the 5th dimension.

Why is the universe working so well? You are working with it. Like a magician, intentionally or not, you are utilizing the laws of the Universe and making it work with you.

And, you don’t have to be a ‘Power Soul’ to access your synchronicity with the Universe.

Wait a minute. What about the times you’ve been late? You’re stressed to get to the airport on time and you’ve left with just enough time. Then, out of the blue, traffic comes to a halt and there you are looking at the clock every few seconds, your palms sweating and stomach churning wondering if you’ll miss your flight.

Your body goes into stress mode as you do your best to get where you need to go, but the laws of the Universe don’t seem to be working with you.

You may not experience one hard and fast rule, that if you do X, you’ll get Y. Yet all the little things you do add up and the Universe is conspiring to help you when you are living out of your highest self. With so many complexities working at once, thoughts, emotions, the energies of other people, the laws of nature, there is so much into play. You can’t control all of it and honestly, you don’t need to.

Want the secret?

Here it is.

What the world needs at any given minute, is the very best version of you.

You can’t operate out of the place of your highest self if you aren’t able to talk to yourself. You can’t do it without the ability to work with your emotions, connect with that which is greater than you, and understand how universal laws are meant to interact with you.

I learned this the hard way. After the birth of my second son, I was working against my souls purpose and I was out of alignment. I wasn’t properly focused on my gifts and their unique ability to guide me. My adrenal glands went into deep stress and I wasn’t able to think clearly, feel good, and do the things I was put here to do.

So I had to figure out what was wrong and begin the journey to alignment.

What to do?

One simple method is to be in tune with health and wellness. If you are actively doing self-care and being mindful that your total wellbeing is in harmony, you’re more able to experience this shift.

Think about it. Do you have a daily self-care ritual? What are you putting into your body as fuel? Is your mind clear and focused? Have you dealt with your energy so it’s working with you?

Taking care of these essentials makes a significant impact on how you experience time and space. It may even allow you to be able to wave your wand and leap from buildings in a single bound!

Do you know your true SuperPower?

To understand more about your unique gifts and your soul’s purpose, head on over to: www.annemandler.com and download your free reading on accessing your soul’s gifts. We all have gifts that must align in a certain order to fulfill our purpose on the planet. Join me there to access your limitless potential.

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