4 Ways to Build Your Internet Empire (Even If You’re New to the Party)

(even if you're new to the party)

Article: Angel Quintana   Photo: Spell Designs   Issue#45

How to Build a Holistic Business Online

How to Build a Holistic Business Online

For some, the Internet feels like an endless abyss of information, a time suck, or a social party that doesn’t serve wine.

I mean, what’s the point of that anyway? There are books for knowledge and there are real parties for socializing and wine sipping, but what makes the Internet an exceptional resource for reconnecting with old friends and acquiring solutions to problems: MONEY.

This month here at Holistic Fashionista we are celebrating 4 fabulous years business and who would have thought we would have made it this far— well I did!

What once started out as an idea for an online magazine, quickly turned into an exclusive club of pioneering lightworkers, now has become my favorite past time for making new friends and earning more money.

The Internet is no longer just a resource for acquiring new knowledge or for querying my often insane questions via Google®, it’s actually the heartbeat to my livelihood!

I will say that running an online business is a wild kingdom, a destination to promote everything I love and adore about holistic living and a sacred space for me to connect with interesting people I absolutely couldn’t imagine living without!

If you’re thinking about taking your offline business online, or if you’re looking to build your own Internet empire (or you just want to make a little side money to keep the hubby happy), then listen up, because the Internet is truly to place to do it!

Here are my top 4 ways to build your Internet empire even if you’re new to the party:

You Need Something to Sell
This could be something informational, a service, or an actual physical product, but whatever it is, just makes sure it’s something that solves a problem. Sure, you could sell gag gifts and random nick-necks, however, until you have an established brand, it might take some time before the customers come knocking on your door. The Internet wants your product now, so stick with a product that is needed today, not tomorrow when someone finally finds out about you.

Share on Social Media
Yes, we’re all on social media sharing cute photos of our offspring in their cute Halloween costumers, but social media is also a terrific outlet for sharing your products and services! However, a word of caution: mix up your social posts with your promotional posts. I think a 4:1 ratio is best. You don’t need to beat people over the head, but you also don’t want them to forget what it is you do or sell for that matter. Be a normal human being and promote when it feels natural, not when you’re hard-up for cash.

Make New Friends Everyday
This one is sorta a no brainer, but most people are super clueless as to how to make friends using the Internet. Every one is trying to sell us something and that’s not how you make a new friend. Spend time getting to know people on a real level and you’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll want to know what you do and then you can tell them about your awesome products! They just might know someone you has that problem and you might find a new wine buddy! Win win!

Stay Connected
One of the biggest misconceptions about using the Internet for business is that collecting fans, followers, and friends is a recipe for insta-cash. I assure you this is not the case. You must be a devoted leader in your niche, which really just means you must give a shit about your people. Staying connected means you reach out from time to time; yes, this could even mean one-on-one meet-ups or sending out a weekly newsletter. It could also mean sending flowers to your favorite fans, because good karma goes a long way on the Internet. Whatever you do, make people feel special.

The best advice I can give you in my 4 years of building Holistic Fashionista into an online brand is that consistency matters. Whether this means you use a similar color story or always post on the same social media site daily, if you want your fans to become regulars, you need to be regular too! 

In fact, the Internet is stage for becoming a regular in someone’s life even if you never meet them in person.

I gotta say, some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in the world are those I’ve never met face to face, but whom I love dearly. I never knew I could have so much in common with people I’ve never met, but with the Internet, it’s not about face to face it’s about real, authentic connection.

To learn more about building your holistic business online, check out my latest free mini course.

Thank you for being a part of Holistic Fashionista! There is so much we plan to accomplish in the next 4 years, we just simply cannot wait to see where the Internet party takes us next. Cheers!



Angel Quintana is the founder and apothecary behind Holistic Fashionista®, a 360 degrees holistic experience for the woman who want to change the world. The Higher Calling School of Business offers cutting-edge business trainings to balance your masculine and feminine skills for the holistic business owner who wishes to reach a global audience. The Holistic Fashionista Botanica (COMING 2017) stocks self-care rituals, medicinal skincare, and herbal beauty products to fuel the mind, body, and spirit.

In her book, Funnel Foreplay, she teaches change makers how to successfully quickly warm up cold leads and turn them into buyers. While her tattooed exterior shows her creative tough side and her road to success has been difficult, it is her thoughtful approach to brand building and unique selling approach that has won her thousands of raving fans. Angel and her businesses have been featured on: Apparel News, Examiner.com, Law of Attraction Radio, and spoken on stage at Digital Marketing for Business, At The Helm, and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA.

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