How to Tap Into Your Higher Power and Let the Universe Take Over


Article by Cinthia Singleton

Tape PInto Your Higher Powert the Worry on Ice Ice Baby

Tape PInto Your Higher Powert the Worry on Ice Ice Baby

Think. Ponder. Review. And then we do it all again, and again. Will it happen? Can I make it happen? This is part of ‘decision-making,’ or, at the very least, being a conscious and self-aware person. It’s one way we show the world that we’re considerate and accountable for our actions or utterly neurotic. Planning can keep us from doing.

However we can’t foresee the future just imagine the possible scenarios we desire based only on what we know about at that point in time. So how about some magic to symbolically ‘let go’ so the Universe (or your higher power) can do what it does best?

Get these items:

1| Pen
2| Sheet of paper
3| Glue / tape
4| Plastic container
5| A few pictures of what’s involved.  If you don’t have them, no worries.

Say the object of your pondering revolves around becoming a lawyer. Write the words LAWYER on that sheet of paper and below it the words I AM A LAWYER IF IT’S THE BEST FOR ME. If you have pictures of what being a lawyer means to you, affix them around the words you’ve written.

Now fold that paper up as small as you can and put it into the plastic container. Fill it with water, leaving an inch from the top. Cover and close it, and then say, I AM A LAWYER IF IT’S THE BEST FOR ME, BUT WORRYING ABOUT HOW OR IF IT’LL HAPPEN IS NOT BEST FOR ME. WORKING TOWARD IT HAPPENING IS.

Container goes in the freezer.

Now what? Well, consciously devote yourself to actions that help fulfill the goals of course! In the LAWYER example that could mean joining a LSAT study group, visiting the law schools of interest, talking to different people who’re actually practicing law, or working at a law firm. But with the action there’s less time for chewing that cud. As if that can make IT happen. Things do happen if they’re best for us; but sometimes we need to push ourselves out of the way so they can.

Stop asking if it will happen over and over again; put the questions on ice and begin doing.

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