What to Look for in a Mascara


Article by Heather Jadus

What to Look for in a Mascara

What to Look for in a Mascara

Mascara is one makeup item that most women cannot live without, myself included.  I have done some extensive research on what works and what is safe for your body.  Every choice counts when it comes to what you put in and on your body.  Why should your mascara be any different?

Here are 4 and 1/2 ingredients that should NEVER be found in your mascara!  I say 4 and 1/2 because the last one is IFFY depending on your personal preference and allergy concerns:

1| Parabens:  These ingredients are used as preservatives, they can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, reproductive health problems and cancer.  They are also endocrine disruptors and really mess with your hormones. No thank you!

2| Parfum/Fragrance: There is absolutely no reason for your mascara to have a scent.  And there is a HUGE problem with the word Parfum or Fragrance being listed; this ingredient is considered to be "trade secret" so the cosmetics companies do not need to reveal the ingredients with in it.  It could be 2, 10 or even 100 synthetic ingredients to create that "scent".  Just bag it!  No need!

3| Aluminum Powder: This ingredient is considered a neurotoxin and linked to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer.

4| Retinyl Acetate (VITAMIN A ACETATE): This ingredient is known to be linked to increase in tumors, cellular level changes, cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, and organ system toxicity.  Yes ladies this is the same stuff you put on your face for wrinkles!  Get it OFF your face and out of your MASCARA!

5| (Or as I like to call it 4 and 1/2) Propylene Glycol: This is another common one. Linked to acne, eczema, and other skin allergy concerns.  Because this ingredient is linked to non-threatening skin issues that might not bother some people at all (like me), I'm ok with it.  It's in my favorite mascara and I have no irritation to it so I am NOT giving in on that one!

And then I took four mascaras and rated them for safety AND performance. Here they are:

1| Bombshell Lash Out - Intense Black  - Retails at $15

The Good: It's a nice light every day mascara.  It separates your lashes really nicely. It washes off nice and easy.
The Bad: It contains Parabens.  I got this mascara for free in my IPSY Glam Bag so I thought I would review it but I would not ever purchase it.
Over All: THUMBS Down

2| L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lash Mascara - Retails for $9

The Good: It retails for $9.  This is my go to every day mascara.  There are some questionable ingredients but none from the top 4 above.
The Bad: It takes a good amount of layers if you really want a dramatic effect.
Overall: THUMBS up!

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3| Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara - Retail $33

The Good: There is not one harmful ingredient on this list.  In fact this item is rated by the Environmental Working Group as a 1.  (on a scale of 0-10 - 10 being most toxic)  This is why I bought it.
The Bad: This stuff runs like nobody's business.  Some of those ingredients missing must be those that keep the mascara on your eyelashes because this does not work.  And I paid $33 for it.  Ugh!
Over All: THUMBS Down!

4| Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara - Retails at $29

Good News: The only bad ingredient in this mascara is Propylene Glycol and I have no allergic reaction to it.  Yay!  This stuff is seriously amazing.  It literally puts fibers on your lashes and seels them in. It's mascara that works like false lashes without needing toxic glue or extensions which can cost over $100 and need to be filled.
It's also waterproof ( I even wore it at the beach) and it washes off easily.
The Bad: I got Nothin'.

What kind of mascara do you use?  And is it important to you to use mascara that's "safe" Be Informed. Be Safe. Be Healthy.

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