Why Self Confidence is the Most Attractive Quality in Business


Article by Jo Ann Bellistri  

Why Self Confidence is the Most Attractive Quality in Business

Why Self Confidence is the Most Attractive Quality in Business

Self confidence, especially for women and girls, can be challenging to maintain. With all life’s trials and tribulations and with so much judgment out there, you have to remember how awesome you are on a daily basis. Feeling confident is easier said than done, but if you practice every day, you’ll master it.

We all have moments when we realize we might have said or did something that we’re not proud of. That’s okay, because embracing ourselves completely, with our good and bad qualities is necessary. Those so called bad qualities come with gifts too. When you feel bad about being bitchy, get over it and acknowledge that there are many times when a little bitchiness saves the day. 

Dump self doubt. When you focus on the negative, it persists. Putting your attention on the positive will pull more positive into your life. It’s easier to focus on the bad, that’s what most people do. It takes practice and constant reminding to train our brains to steer our attention back to the good. 

You can face anything when you have courage and self confidence. Confidence attracts good things. Your path to success, whatever that means to you, becomes a stroll in the park because the light that shines from within you is confident and secure. It says that you are in control of your life. When you love yourself from the inside out, you tend to make better choices in your life

Embrace yourself now, today. Slap a smile on your face and feel good about yourself and the world around you. This is the best version of you, you gotta love it.

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