6 Styling Tips to Look Slimmer Instantly


Article by Barbara Charles

6 Styling Tips to Look Slimmer Instantly

6 Styling Tips to Look Slimmer Instantly

Mothers, wives and entrepreneurs.  Multi-faceted and always on the go and as a result, we always want to look our best!  Problem is that as we get older, it’s a little bit harder to look slim like we used to in our heyday! Some of us can’t do anything about that puffy stomach either from childbirth, weight loss, water retention, or stretched stomach muscles.

I, in particular don’t want to do a tummy tuck and starving myself is not an option.  I get cranky when I’m hungry! I also don’t want to be enclosed in super tight clothes all day where I can’t breathe. Tried tightening and cinching belts? Yep, only to feel like and look like a wilted flower at the end of the day.

Well, let me share a couple of options that I found works. Here are 6 ways to look instantly slimmer so you can look snappy, feel comfortable and be professional at all times.
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1.    Wear a long sleek dress. Yes, even in corporate, a long sleek dress, with a business jacket is very charming.  Try a long colorful summer dress down to the floor and a light short sleeve blouse or jacket.

2.    Watch your posture. Don’t slouch. Lift your head and walk proud. Your bearing and demeanor will make you appear slimmer and elongate your body lines. 

3.    Wearing heels. It will also give you a longer, taller, slimmer look. 

4.    Body wraps. I’ve tried a few and a body wrap can instantly lose immediate inches off arms, legs, hips and thighs. Body wraps instantly help you lose extra water in your body. 

5.    Drink water. I found that when I drink 64 ounces of water a day, I lose water weight, sometimes as much as 3 lbs overnight.   Really? YES! Even when dieting, we experience water weight loss first, so the first 10-12 lbs is usually water. 

6.    Magic Tops!  This amazing garment is a blouse with a built-in girdle!   You actually slim down those stomach muscles by instantly putting on a blouse. How awesome is that?! They’re beautiful, colorful and the girdle is in the blouse!  How amazing is that? 

So use these tips to look slim instantly and you're ready for the summer looking and feeling fabulous!

Do you have any tips that could help us look slim instantly?  Its summer and we are always looking for great ideas!

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