Sharon Ball


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Life is a process, a journey, and people sometimes need guidance to make the journey of life uniquely their own in addition to making it as happy and satisfying as possible. Sharon Ball has spent over 30 years as a nurse and then as a mid-level provider helping people become healthier, stronger and happier. Now as a Life, Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach, Sharon is continuing to help people build happier, healthier and more successful lives through her science based life reinvention program. Whether you are stuck in a rut and bored with your life, frustrated because none of your efforts to lose weight work anymore, or suffer from food sensitivities or adrenal fatigue, Sharon can help you turn your life around.

Laura Barrett


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Laura Barret is a passionate and modivated hairstylist who loves to make women feel beautiful on the inside and out. She is always learning about the latest tools and techniques in hair. Presently she is working on her own to give her clients the most attention and freedom to find the best services and products for them.

Isabel Barjaktarevic


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Isabel has been supporting women in becoming empowered with their health since 2012, after becoming a certified health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Her goal and passion is to help you overcome your digestive issues using various modalities such as essential oils and plant based nutrition, so that you feel energised, focused and full of life! A natural born world traveller, spiritual manifester and lover of all things chocolate (vegan of course!), she’s your bubbly guide on the side supporting you every step of the way to live a life of true vitality and abundance.  You’re invited to join her private community of like-minded women. She looks forward to embracing you into this supportive space.

Women's Holistic Wellbeing Sanctuary

Rachel Vogeleisen


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Mesmerized by photographs in glossy fashion magazines as a child, Rachel grew up in France with the idea of creating beauty through photography.

She did everything by the book and followed reason over heart, embracing a more traditional career path until she left the corporate world to study photography. In 2015, she decided to create modern personal branding photography for Women who have stepped off the corporate ladder to fulfill their entrepreneurial endeavors. More than anything she wants her clients to have elegant visual content to connect with their ideal clients.


Isabelle Rizo


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Isabelle consults women-owned brands and businesses share their story and get seen around the world. She works with soft spoken women artists, healers, and leaders that have been in business and are ready to craft a compelling story that gets them seen, heard, and transforming lives around the world using technology. She has been featured on Entrepreneur, LifeHack, and UnCollege. An international artist, speaker, and facilitator since 2008.

Keisha Shields


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Keisha P. Shields is the Founder of the Institute for Women Who Lead, where she works deeply with her +ONEs to help them leverage their gifted and unique brains to go for those huge game-changing opportunities they’ve really been wanting to pursue, both on and off the stage.

With over a decade of experience, Keisha is a powerhouse speaker, good girl expert, and the foremost authority on couture confidence. Keisha has expertise and insight into how stigmas & stereotypes can keep high-achieving women leaders (career girls, entrepreneurs, and those in the C-Suite) from believing bigger and truly becoming who they were created to become in this lifetime.

Mindy Searcey


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Mindy Searcey is a dynamic teacher. Her ability to translate the practice of Yoga to day to day life is astounding. Her ability to create a practice for you no matter what your level is a gift and unlike anything you have experienced before. More than that, she has the gift to help you engage with your Higher self. The path of Yoga goes beyond the postures and Mindy's talents have the ability to aid in illuminating your truth and helping you walk in the light you are made of!

Kathleen Macken


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Kathleen Macken is a fierce mama bear, dedicated to creating ethical and succulent lotions, for those that give a sh*t about what goes on their families bodies.

Learn more about Kat and her line of holistic products at:

Ahja Jahqua Toure'

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Ahja Jahqua Toure' is the CEO/ Witch Doctor and Holistic Self Care Expert of Toure' Botanica Inc,  she is also a Tantra Teacher/ Mentor and Guide of Back To Center Goddess Program and Retreats and Author of the book, "The Goddess Sex School for Holistic Living". She has made it her life's mission to help women take radical responsibility in attaining their sovereignty, self-care, feminine power, sexuality, love, and vitality. She is a Goddesses Goddess who encourages women to have open dialog with their children creating unbreakable bonds while tapping into her souls Divine wisdom. She is also a Creative Apothecary that handcrafts customized personal care products that assist her clients in creating daily self- care rituals for healing and wholeness. She is currently working on her next  level of soul work that assist women through major life changes such as divorce and illness.