Rachel Ringler


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Rachel Ringler is a passionate advocate for creative empowerment; a guide for soulful business owners who feel disconnected and are looking to get out of limbo and tap into their ability to create more freedom in their lives and businesses. As founder of Vibrant, LLC, and a modern day renaissance woman, Rachel believes that she’s here to “Inspire and Liberate the Muse within” and to help guide and uplift those incredible multi-passionate souls with her compassionate insight and intuitive gifts. Rachel is a trusted source who cultivates enlightenment, touching something deep inside those who are looking to Create More Freedom in their lives and businesses through illumination, nourishment, and holistic leadership. She loves all things beach, books, deep conversations and full-belly laughs, and describes herself like a great red wine: “Soulful & sassy; deep with a bit of an edge, and full-bodied with a peppery bite!”


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