How to Turn Chaos into Creativity


Article by Rachel Ringler

How to Turn Chaos into Creativity

How to Turn Chaos into Creativity

To quote Nietzche, “You must have chaos in your heart to give birth to stars.”

What would our world be with out a bit of chaos? Personally, I think we could all live with a little less of certain types of chaos, but it’s all part of our path. Especially when we have made a conscious choice to live a holistic lifestyle.

At our truth, as holistic and consciously enlightened entrepreneurs, that is what we do. We take raw ‘ingredients’ and through our creative genius, unique gifts, and the process that we have developed to fuse it all together, with a dash of inner muse magic, we create a wonderful piece—whether that be visually, mentally, physically or spiritually—these unique creations provide the connection that our clients hunger for.

As a nurturer by nature, I find it incredibly satisfying to use my infinite & juicy creativity to take a bunch of fresh, raw ingredients (along with a little ‘chaos in the kitchen’) and create something that brings such delight and warmth to the insides of the people I serve.

Becoming one with your chaos takes a willingness to let go of the reigns and just rise above it all for a little bit. Being present…even (and especially) with chaos. What it sometimes takes us a little while to figure out is that the chaos we experience on the outside is congruent with the chaos we have on the inside.

Our experiences are a direct reflection of the vibration that we’ve been emitting. The choices that we make are acts of creation. In other words:

Everything always comes back to having what you say, think, and do being in agreement.

Take a few deep breaths and mental steps back to look at it from an airplane-ride viewpoint. Things always seem a little more peaceful when there are a few puffy clouds between you and your chaotic life, don’t they?

Chaos is a point of view. We all have our own definitions and viewpoints that have shaped our inner stories from these life experiences. Some people thrive among chaos…because they don’t see it as chaos. To them, there is magic in chaos.

The magic of chaos is its connection to creativity, and to growth. Yes…growth. When you begin to experience an influx of ‘chaos’ in your life, take a look around. Expand your viewpoint because your inner muse is giving you a little heads up to be on the lookout for some serious growth coming your way. One could say that the payment for growth is chaos.

Creativity is full of seemingly chaotic ingredients and processes. Although we may get messy with paints or wax, or create in a kitchen with fire, food and spices, we also know that goodness comes out of this happy mess. There’s a whole lot of chaos that comes along with the cook, the craft, the composition, and the canvas.

You know the feeling that you get when you get close enough to ‘touch on a truth’? That deep, uncomfortable, squirming-inside-your-own-skin feeling, otherwise known as inner chaos? That’s your soul calling out to you. That’s your creativity wanting to help you shape your chaos into something magical…like the star wanting to be born.

We all have a special gift to help us. The voice of our inner muse…our intuition. She has but one request of us. That we be open to receive the guidance provided.

Opening up to communication with your inner muse opens up a whole new world of clarity, creativity, and consciousness.

I am still amazed and delighted that she always shows up at the absolute best possible time. Like when you’re swimming in chaos and overwhelm and are looking for a little ‘leg up’. Remember to just breathe, and feel your way through to those inner whispers.

You will be amazed at what happens when you allow yourself to sink into your inner muse and really begin to have a relationship with the part of you that shakes things up, gets you excited, colors your world and sets your soul on fire so the world can feel your warmth!  So, don’t be surprised when you experience a bit of chaos when you’re burning bright. When you’re in the muse zone you are allowing your truth to shine.

Ring.Ring. It’s Growth (disguised as Chaos) calling…

Just remember to breathe deep, open up, and give your inner muse the reins for a little while. She needs the space to breathe, stretch her wings, and give birth to the stars.

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