4 Lessons Learned About Coaching


Lessons Learned About Coaching

Lessons Learned About Coaching

Article by Lynne Dominick
Magazine: Issue #39

I admit I am a little obsessed with NBC’s The Voice. 

Season after season, I’m amazed at the incredible pool of talent that they are able to amass. From pre-school teachers, to medical students, to child stars fallen and redeemed. These are fierce, determined competitors pursuing their ultimate dream.

I also applaud their coaches, and value what I’ve learned from them as it relates to my coaching practice. Here are four valuable lessons about coaching that I’ve been able to take away as a regular viewer:

1. Identify the secret sauce…

Or, as Blake Shelton would say, “Man, I didn’t realize you had that great vibrato!"
Each and every one of us has our own secret sauce; that special something that allows us to shine. As coaches, it is essential that we spend enough time helping uncover the special something in each one of our clients. We have to lead them in the self-discovery process and uncover the talent, driving force and unique purpose that can allow them to achieve success on their terms.

2. Failure is a nebulous term…

Or, as Adam Levine would say, “I loved that your voice cracked when you hit that high note, it shows you're human, man.”

We all fail. Living in fear is far worse than failing. Put your client at ease by sharing your failures and allow them to see your vulnerable side. By owning it you are able to remind him or her that lessons are not learned by success alone, and that failure presents an opportunity to get it right the next time. It’s great to be human.  

3. Sometimes all someone needs is a helping hand… 

Or, as Christina Aguilera would say, “I’m here for you."

Any process can be made easier when you allow someone to accompany you on the journey. As a coach you can help lift the psychological burden of going it alone. Let your client know that they can reach out to you with questions and you’ll be there to guide them to the answer.

4. Confidence is everything…

Or, as Pharrell Williams would say, “Dude, I have watched you go through this process, and man, you are incredible; you got this."

At the end of the day, our clients need to believe. Believe in their idea, believe in their skill, and believe in their ability to go the distance. By instilling confidence, a coach paves the way for his or her client to experience the success they seek.

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