How to Transform Your Challenges with Crystals


Crystal Magic

Crystal Magic

Article by Stacy Stehle
Photo Credit: Victor of Valencia
Magazine: Issue #17

Holistic Living is about integrating all aspects of yourself together – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Ideally it is about maintaining balance and wholeness within yourself.  

As you know, life has it's challenges. Challenges are a way of helping you grow your soul by seeing them as lessons or stepping stones to move you forward. But sometimes they just feel so awful and keep us stuck at a place for longer than you'd would like. What if there was a way to transform the energy around your challenges so that you can maintain a balanced and whole state?

You can do just that through crystal magic.

It is not a coincidence that crystals are becoming more and more common in this day and age. They have been around for thousands of years and can even be dated back to ancient times for their amazing healing and transformational qualities.   

What makes crystals so magical is their ability to absorb and transmute energies. Their energy vibrations are very high. Just simply having them in your presence is enough to take your energy where ever it may be and raise it to the higher vibration of the crystals.  

As you know, challenges can pull you down and keep you at a lower energy level. It is at this lower vibration that pulls you into a state that is not balanced.  

Crystals will help raise your energy on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual to a higher state. At a higher energy state you are  balance and whole. You are aware and capable of seeing your challenges as a place of growth and instinctively move forward.   

It takes working with crystals to begin to see their magic happen. I recommend choosing a crystal that you are drawn to and begin working with it. Simply take it with you where every you go. When challenges arise, pull out your crystal, hold it in your hands and begin to breathe in the energy. Run your fingers over the crystal and connect with it while breathing and allow yourself to be taken to a higher energy state.  

Challenges do not have to disrupt your life. Allow crystal magic to transform the energies so you can easily feel balanced and whole.

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