How to Overcome Obstacles and Turn Them Into Allies


Musical Obstacles

Musical Obstacles

Article by Cymber Lily Quinn
Photo Credit: Victor of Valencia
Magazine: Issue #17

You know you want to get better at playing your instrument or singing. You know you should get back to music. But there’s something stopping you. You are stuck. What to do chica? 

Stop The Fight

Many of the old ways called for a fight, a push, a struggle as a way to overcome your obstacles. It worked if you were macho enough, but these days, I find it just plain ole’ tiring. 

Make Friends With Your Obstacles

Sounds crazy, right? Who wants to snuggle up to the snarling voices that keep telling you to make your music, and the other voices that tell you all the negative stuff. But one of the most alchemical, gentle, and transformative ways to remove your blocks and obstacles is to befriend them. Make a list of all the blocks you have, all the things that are bugging you right now. Then ask them some questions:

:: When were you created? Why? (Blocks are usually created in childhood to protect you.)
:: How old do you think I am now? (Blocks usually think you are still a kid.)
:: Are you ready to be updated for a new assignment? (Usually they are.)

Thank your blocks for protecting you, then mentally ask them to complete their work, so you can recycle them. Or throw them in the Cosmic Dumpster. 

Replacing Old Beliefs with New Ones

Once the old beliefs are gone, you want to replace them with new ones. These are new beliefs that are appropriate for where you are now in your life. 

Make a list all the new beliefs that you’d like to have...better relationships, more security, better connection with your community, and most importantly, ways back into your music, and ways back into confidence. 

Put this list where you can see it every day,  so you can retrain your mind to notice when you are experiencing your new beliefs. And when you see your new beliefs showing up in your life, make a note of that too. Changes are both slow and fast, depending on which part of your life is ready for change. 

The most magical part of this process, the most alchemical and transformative, is the process of welcoming the blocks, and understanding that they are a natural part of your life. Then you can transform them by updating them and giving them a new assignment.

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