News Flash, You are God. Here's Proof!


News Flash, You Are God. Here's Proof!

News Flash, You Are God. Here's Proof!

Article By Jentana Lee Dabbs
Photo Credit: Dasha & Mari
Magazine: Issue #30

Did you know that you, my friend are actually a God? Ok, not a full on God or the walk on water and cause the tides to roll and lightening to strike from the sky type of God, but you are a small miracle, earthly, mortal type of Co-Creating God.

Before anyone starts criticizing me as being evil or tries to put me in a straight jacket, let me explain what I mean. Have you ever bought a book for someone in the past and even though that person may not have needed it right then, a few months or even years later that friend of yours was able to reach for the information at a time when she was in enough pain to need it and use the information? Then she reported to you how that book really helped her issue? Or maybe you wrote an article or posted a message or link on FB that may have pulled someone out of a dark place, put someone on the right path, or perhaps even saved a person’s life. What about the times someone has been there for you or given you information and answers that you had been praying or wishing for? Either you or they were guided to provide what was needed for the circumstance of the person and situation that either is greatly needed or will be greatly needed in order for that person’s state of mind or circumstance to change for the better.

Small Miracles

If a person has some sort of belief, then chances are they are either praying, meditating, visualizing, or wishing in some way for answers to come their way, get some help, guidance, or some sort of sign. However, many people don’t really notice the small miracles that happen around them, because entertainment portrays miracles happening in a much more dramatic way such as the wind starts blowing hard, lightening striking from the sky, an angelic being showing up or either George Burns or Morgan Freeman showing up in front of us as God himself in person to help us out. Because of that many people have the expectation that the answers and guidance are going to come to us in more profound and dramatic ways.

Accepting the small miracles

Did you ever hear the story about the guy on a roof? One day, a flood happens and a man is trapped on his roof as the floodwaters are rising. The man begins to pray and pray to be saved and next thing a helicopter shows up to rescue him and he says, “no thanks, I’m waiting for God to help me.” Then a big boat comes by and again he tells them to leave. Then a boy scout and his dog on a raft finally pass by as the water is almost completely over his roof and about to go over his head. The man tells the Boy Scout to go away and then he drowns. In heaven, he says to God, “I don’t understand, I’m a man of huge faith and I prayed to you over and over again and yet, why didn’t you save me?” God then says, “I tried to save you 3 times, I sent a helicopter, a big boat, and then a boy scout and his dog on a raft to save you and all 3 times you rejected them, so after the 3rd time, I figured you didn’t want my help after all!”

Even though this is just a cute made up story, it’s a great example of how what we ask for or really need at the time often shows up in the form of average people, who just somehow are drawn to provide it. This includes the many times you have been drawn to provide a small miracle in someone else’s life, whether you knew it or not!

When you really think about it, not only would it be beneficial to begin paying attention to the small miracles that show up in your life from outside sources and other people, but most important begin to pay attention to how often YOU are a small miracle in some else’s life and then just begin to feel and drink in the positive power you really have in the realization that you are actually someone else’s higher power and a co-creator of God. 

In addition, take a moment to also come to the realization that if you have that much power to positively change and affect someone else’s life as a higher power, then what can you do in your own life with the power you have to co-create, with the knowledge that you now have that you truly are a small part of God in some way! 

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