Learn to Read Tarot Cards in 30 Days


Article by John Scardina


Many of us in the Holistic realm enjoy the potential of added senses, intuitions, and a higher level of spirituality. We all want to be the best we can be for ourselves, our clients and are always listening for insights and inner voice guidance to reach that next level of a comfortable self.

I was raised in a loving family that had a single belief in religion, the one, the only one! Frequently as children we are formed into things without any knowledge, other than our parent’s guidance. This is not wrong or a bad thing we do need rules and direction, and I’m thankful for every step my parents took in my upbringing. With that said, I was told from an early age that many if not all forms of divination were wrong, so wrong, “you’re going to hell wrong”.

Tarot cards was one of those that was on the list. I mean it made sense at the time, I mean this deck of going to hell, had cards depicting a hanged man, the devil and even a death card. What child would not fear these cards for fear of going to Hell, to see the Devil, and potentially become a Hanged Man! Thankfully we do grow up and evolve enough to explore divination and the spiritual benefits.

I was fortunate enough to be formally introduced into Tarot by a dear friend and fellow Reiki practitioner (thank you Connie). It was through this education that I really found out about what Tarot can do and be for me and it was transformational. It is not something to fear, it is another positive connection to the Universe.

Today I want to challenge you to try a 30-day challenge, that can help you achieve this connection with the Universe. There are so many ways to get started with Tarot, you can buy a physical deck one that appeals to you.

It’s usually best to start with the best standard Rider Waite deck until you get comfortable with the many styles of decks on the market.

You can also download the Rider Waite app to your phone or device, for learning purposes, which also has a Card of the Day option. In addition, there are a multitude of websites that help you learn what Tarot is about. Formal classes are also available everywhere should you choose, just check with others who have taken these classes. There are those who still teach fear, in regards to Tarot.

On with the challenge:

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1:: Pick up a deck, an app or whatever method and go through each card at your leisure.

2:: Do not add any value to the card other than to just learn the meaning of the card.

3:: Look at the graphics of the card and compare the meaning.

4:: Pick a day to start and every evening, when your day is about over and you are ready just relax and chill in your sacred space, draw a card.

5:: Pay no attention to whether the card is upside down or reversed (something for later).

6:: Place the card in front of you and just check out the graphics, soak it in.

7:: Next read the meaning of the card and compare to how your day has gone.  

8:: See how many events in your day match the actual meaning and what the card means for you.

This method of comparison will allow you to learn the cards over 30 days without predicting your own future. It is amazing how many events within your day will relate to the card drawn.

Try this for 30 days and let the cards enter your energy in a positive way. This is one of the best ways to be comfortable with Tarot. And no matter your belief’s you will not need to fear going to Hell, you are only choosing one card a day to see how your day went! Let me know how this goes.

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