40 Divine Downloads to Uplift and Inspire


Article by Chelsy McAllister

40 Divine Downloads to Uplift and Inspire

40 Divine Downloads to Uplift and Inspire

As part of the Kundalini level 2 module for Mind & Meditation my fellow yogis and I were given a life project. For 90 days straight we were to chant the long Ek Ong Kar mantra and then choose our own meditation to top it off. The meditation was long, over an hour long. I was working with projection 18, the Creator, the one pursuing the art of cohesiveness. This meditation puts focus on planting the seeds and then seeing the seeds blossom.

The creator is one that lives in her truth and sees her truth magnetically mirroring back. Intuitively I knew this meditation would be the one I work with. I did not know what a shift it would cause me though. Oh my goddess! The projection and mirror were hard to work through. From the first night, I wanted to add something sacred of my own. Something I could look back on and reflect on the shift. So, after each meditation session I would write whatever came through in one sentence.

A Divine Download as you will. I thought possibly one day I would create some oracle cards with these nuggets of wisdom, but in the meantime, they are my gift to you.

Take the first forty days of my journey as a way to come back to your own. Use them to uplift and inspire. Write them out on cue cards, write them in your journal, make your own personal cards, be creative.

The first forty days of Divine Downloads ::

1. How is your mind serving you at this moment?
2. Make the space for inner ecstasy
3. No matter what you go through or what happens, you are always connected to the Divine
4. Bliss is your totality
5. Create to light up your aura
6. You’ve been here before, adjust your inner light to lead the way and guide others
7. My path is pure and authentic
8. Kindness is the sweet spot
9. Our heart pulses through our hands so as to create with love
10. If it is important to you, break through the blocks to reach bliss
11. Be the good vibes facilitator
12. You are the capacity
13. Create from your magic
14. How you vibrate is an extension of your soul
15. Hollow is your soul, connected to the universe
16. Creativity is a service of flow
17. Manifest for your highest good, your truth
18. Beauty is found in the stillness
19. You must listen and trust, especially when the path is not clear
20. Honor your inner child, play further
21. Embrace what inspires you
22. Celebrate self-love
23. Let yourself be held
24. Let go of attachments to allow the flow
25. Simplify how you spend your time to allow your own YES moments
26. Snap out of the Piscean Age trance, you are here to be present
27. Let it come easy
28. Do you need to re-create in order to create?
29. Love your flaws
30. If you must cancel plans to serve yourself, do so. No need for explanations
31. Surround yourself with people who keep your heart open
32. Do more of what ignites your magic
33. Tune in to expand
34. Get creative with your wellness and wellbeing
35. Listen. Listen. Listen
36. Close your eyes, breathe deep, there is an adventure brewing inside
37. Embrace what lies ahead with a full heart
38. Journey home to a life lived with less
39. Connect and get closer onwards to go outwards
40. The time is here for you to soar

Challenge yourself to download your own messages. You can easily do this with any high vibe state. You do not have to meditate for an hour every day for 90 days to receive messages from the Universe. You can receive them after a walk, daily flower infused baths, try writing after self-pleasure, or first thing in the morning. There are so many possibilities for you to find your state of presence. That’s what it really is. Be present in the moment and you will find ease. Commit and make the time because you are so worth it.

Create a ritual around it. If you choose to do something intimate in the privacy of your home, bring out your favorite crystals and essential oils, ones that ignite intuition. These five crystals are some of my favorites to work with, moonstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite and labradorite. The following essential oils can be applied to the crown chakra to ignite intuition, rose, jasmine, neroli, ylang ylang, and frankincense. As well as, these following oils can be applied directly on your third eye, bergamot, vanilla, orange, lemon and copaiba.

Once you have your crystals and essential oils make sure you have a dedicated journal to keep track of your journey. Be it 40, 90, 108 or 1000 days. This is your journey, do what feels good for you. If you only do 11 days, amazing you have 11 days that you dedicated to self-care!

Have your tools on hand, then set the tone for the ritual. This is a sacred practice and it can be super simple, all you need to do is show up with an intention to be present. To feel the feels as they come and wash over you. Letting go of Ego and judgement. Be here for you. Let the download be what it is. Non attachment, free and wild energy.

Stay consistent with the steps. To open, you may wish to recite a mantra or pull a tarot card, do what you feel called to do. Next if you have candles, light your candles, do a smudge, this is your practice. Place your crystals nearby or wear them. Anoint yourself with the essential oils. Dive into your main action, if that is self-pleasure, go slow. If it is a bath, feel the warmth from your toes all the way up to your neck. If you are doing yoga or meditation be gentle on yourself. This gift is yours. When you finish, take a deep breath and hold it in for as long as you can. Then write one sentence. Sat Nam.

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