Is Your Look Killing Your Brand?


Article by Gail Shapiro

Is Your Look Killing Your Brand?

Is Your Look Killing Your Brand?

How many times have you gone to a networking event and wondered why some people bothered showing up. I know, it’s often early in the morning but seriously, if you can’t take time to dress appropriately, put on some makeup and brush your hair why go at all? If you are lucky there will be people at the event that you have never met before. Great opportunity? Maybe. 

First impressions are formed within 7 – 11 seconds of seeing someone before they even utter a word!

So what first impression are you making? Do you look like the success you want everyone to believe you are? Is your personal style in keeping with your business? For example, if your business is dealing with corporate clients are you dressing like them or showing up in jeans and sweaters and expecting to be hired. If you are trying to attract a more casual, laid back clientele and you are looking corporate, that doesn’t work either. 

Now what about your business; does it have style? 

Do you have a consistent font story and color story? Or is everything just random whenever you decide to put words on paper? How is your information or product presented? Is there a vibe? Great customer service? 

As an entrepreneur: You are your business. People buy you first -  and whatever you’re selling comes second!

  •  If they don’t like you, they aren’t buying whatever you offer.
  •  If they are confused, they will tune you out.
  •  Every business needs a singular story, a singular vibe, and a singular  purpose!
  •  See yourself and your business through the eyes of your audience.
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