7 Strategies For Success Using Spirituality


Article by Michele Emerald

7 Strategies For Success Using Spirituality

7 Strategies For Success Using Spirituality

Alarmingly today, women tell me that the very people they depend on for encouragement and support the most, fail to show up for them in their new entrepreneurial endeavors. Whether married, dating, friends, or family your relationships can play a big role in how confident you feel when stepping out of your comfort zone into a new project, or when going to the next level in an existing one.

A lack of support from loved ones can manifest as an imbalance in household or childcare that leave you frazzled. It could show up as a lack of interest or an outright objection to your big plans and dreams. Lack of support could look like not having access to funds to invest in yourself or your business. Whatever lack of support looks like for you, and no matter how terrible it feels, my message to these women and to you is loud and clear.


This article isn't about convincing your partner or parents how talented, valuable or dedicated you are. Because you've probably tried that and ended up more frustrated and misunderstood. This article is about what you can do right now to change the dynamic of support towards what you can shift. The following 7 Success Strategies will embolden you to support yourself when it's in short supply so that you can achieve your deeper callings on your own terms.

Success Strategy 1: Believe in yourself. It may be cliche, but the support you provide to yourself will take you further in your journey than the support of those around you. That’s because the energy you have around your work and your offerings will translate directly to how your potential clients perceive you and how badly they want to exist in your energy vortex. Your audience isn’t there to connect with your spouse, mom or negative coworker, so their faith in your services is irrelevant to the actual vehicle that promotes and sells your brand. Your audience is there for you, and will vibe off of whatever energy you give them. If you believe that your offerings are helpful and relevant and needed, your audience will believe it to.

Success Strategy 2: Self validate. This is an extension of believing in yourself and goes a bit deeper into making yourself aware of the qualities and abilities you possess that make you an expert or authority in your chosen path. Instead of endlessly explaining to your disbelieving family the value of the work you offer and needing them to acknowledge it, look within and honor all of the evidence pointing to why you are well suited to pursue your dream. It is eye opening to make a list of every achievement, character trait, training, and connection that you have amassed over the years that relate to your current pursuit.

Success Strategy 3: Up your self-worth. Now that you have spent some time celebrating your unique skill set and abilities, it’s time to own your worthiness. Intentionally raising your self-worth will create a sense of urgency and obligation around achieving your goals despite your circumstances. When you know you are inherently worthy of having your desires met, you attract the opportunities that will create those outcomes. Scan your mental chatter for signs of lowered self-worth. Little things like downplaying compliments, explaining away accomplishments, taking responsibility for problems that aren’t yours, going straight for the clearance rack, accepting things that don’t meet your standards, glorifying contentedness, are all signs that your self-worth needs a raise.

Success Strategy 4: Get crystal clear. If we don’t know exactly what we stand for or exactly where we are going we can become dependent on others mirroring who we are back to us. Become so crystal clear in your underlying values and belief structures that your direction and purpose has no room for doubt or questioning. When you connect that deeply to the WHY of what you do, your bond to your work and mission will be unfettered by other people’s lack of interest or support. Having a clear purpose, mission and plan will also help magnetize those who DO believe in you with ease, which will bolster your own belief in yourself.

Success Strategy 5:Connect with like-minded people. If your boyfriend’s eyes glaze over every time you start going on about sales funnels and marketing metrics, or if your friends just don’t get why you have to be on social media so much, it may not be that they don’t support you so much as they don’t understand your world. Connecting with people on the same path as you provides a valuable layer of support because you see that you are not in it alone.

Success Strategy 6: Ask for help. If you feel overwhelmed with housework, childcare, or other obligations it’s time to delegate and learn the power of the word NO. It’s ok to reclaim your time and energy to pursue your passions. Get creative and cut out obligations that don’t spark joy. Budget for a housekeeper or demand help with chores from kids or housemates. Offer to trade babysitting with a friend so you can both benefit from the alone time.

Success Strategy 7: Energy work. Become aware of how those around you affect your energy and learn to create a protective energy sphere around you to shield yourself from their low energy vibes. Try visualization, reiki, meditation and chakra balancing work to power up after draining interactions.

Try these tips to empower yourself to rise above obstacles and achieve your dreams when dealing with a less than supportive network. The world needs your special kind of magic and can draw more inspiration from watching you rise above this particular problem than if your path was easier. By viewing a lack of support as an opportunity to double down on your personal growth you can turn your pain into power.

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