A Beginner's Guide To Crystals Part 2


Article by Jess Ponzio

A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals Part 2

A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals Part 2

In part 1 we covered some of the more common crystals and how they can bring their magic into your life. Here a few more special stones to help aid different situations that arise in your day to day life.


This is such a mystical stone and its glowing iridescent colour will captivate you as soon as you see it. Labradorite brings an element of magic and protection into your life. This stunning crystal activates psychic gifts and opens intuition. It is a very high vibrational crystal and a bringer of light. Labradorite guards your aura from unwanted energies and acts like a barrier against everything negative. It prevents energy leakage and gives awareness of what is happening in other etheric fields. The depths of this stone will draw messages from the unconscious mind to the surface supporting understanding of internal conflicts. Labradorite will banish fears and insecurities strengthening your trust in yourself. Labradorite aligns the physical and etheric bodies, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energy into the physical body. This is a huge statement, but it is probably one of the most magical stones out there.

I keep labradorite beside my bed and use it in meditation when I need a strong, clear line to my intuition and to connect to more mystical energy.


Nature’s tranquilizer! Amethyst has such a calming effect on the whole body and spirit. Its subtle and deep purple will calm the most heightened of emotions. It is a very powerful and protective stone which guards against psychic attack, transmuting the energy into love. Amethysts serene energy enhances higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Taking you to a higher level, it will open one up to another reality. It can help you feel less scattered, more focused and in control. Amethyst will relieve the obsessions and neediness that underlie addictions. This stone dispels anger, fear, rage and anxiety and will take you to a mindful space while comforting grief and repelling all kinds of negative energies.

Amethyst has so many uses and is such a versatile stone. I put it under my kids pillows at night to ward off nightmares and I have some in every room in the house. It is fantastic to hold during meditation to help you go deeper and connect to your intuition and insight clearly. There is not much this stone can’t help you with.

Rainbow Obsidian

Obsidian is a strong stone without boundaries. It often needs to be used with another calming stone to help soften its energy. It works extremely fast and with great power. Rainbow obsidian is one of the gentler obsidian varieties and one i prefer to use the most. It still has strong protective properties and helps teach you about your spiritual nature. It gives hope, clears emotional trauma and gives relief from stress. Rainbow obsidian is excellent for helping one replenish their heart energy, cutting cords to past lovers and releasing any hooks left connected to them. It gives hope and encourages having an optimistic attitude.

I have a magnificent Rainbow Obsidian heart that is often the centrepiece of a grid next to my bed. I use this heart frequently to replenish my energy as i am an empath and hold onto others energy in my body. I cannot recommend this powerful but gentle stone enough to support you in keeping your energy clear and helping you to feel empowered in yourself.


Danburite carries a very pure vibration and is a highly spiritual stone. It works with heart energy but also links to the crown chakra and helps activate higher consciousness. Danburite smooths the path ahead, helps support deep change and leaving the past in the past so one can move forward. Danburite acts as a karmic cleanser and any contracts that have been carried forward through lifetimes to start the soul off in a new direction. It can aid the dying in their journey beyond death so that spiritual transition can easily flow. Danburite opens the heart and connects you with your higher consciousness where communication with your angels can take place. It is a stone of optimism, peace of mind and trusting and connecting to your inner guidance.

Wear Danburite to provide serenity and link to your inner wisdom. Pink Danburite helps to open the heart and encourages self love. I use my pink danburite when i am too much in my head and need to drop back and be guided by my heart. It is so helpful in bringing you back to yourself.


Sodalite activates understanding and is a stone of truth. It brings truth to all communications and supports the journey from the head to the heart. Sodalite instils the drive for truth and helps you remain true to yourself and stand up for your beliefs. It helps clear up mental confusion and return to inner peace while keeping emotional balance. Sodalite brings harmony to relationships, heals friction and brings an end to arguments or disagreements. It unites logic with intuition, helping information from the higher mind connect down to the physical level. Sodalite stimulates the third eye and is useful in meditation to enable you to go deeper to understanding the situations in which you find yourself in. It is an excellent stone for group work as it brings harmony and stimulates trust and companionship. Sodalite dissolves mental confusion and encourages rational thought. It releases rigid mind sets that don’t serve you anymore and allows you to create space for putting new insights in to practise.

Sodalite soothes panic attacks and calms the mind to allow new information to be received.

Sodalite will assist the oversensitive person from being so defensive and will help release old core beliefs, phobias and guilt that hold you back from being your true self.

Sodalite is a great stone to use for self acceptance, self esteem and learning to trust yourself and the information that you receive.

Thank you for diving into the magical world of crystals with me. I hope this has given you a greater understanding of some of the classic crystals that are available and how they can assist and support you in every area of your life. Have fun with them and see which ones work best for you. Much Magick, Jess xo

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