Learning to Self-Soothe


Article by Jess Ponzio

Learning to Self-Soothe

Learning to Self-Soothe

Sometimes our emotions get so big and dark that we can find ourselves completely overwhelmed and sucked down the rabbit hole. If you've ever experienced anxiety, you'll know what i am talking about. You become completely consumed by the intense fear or anxiety and there can feel like no way back to your centred self.

Well there is. No matter how full on and consuming those messy feelings are, you can always come home. You can return to your calm grounded state and resume life in a present cleared way.

The first, most important step of coming back to yourself is to acknowledge the trigger. Once you put a label on the anxiety it can become way less scary. Acknowledging your triggers brings awareness. Awareness to some, is the key to all healing and living in peace. If we are aware of where we are and what we are feeling, those big emotions start to have less power over us. We can see where they come from and possibly why.

Awareness brings change, change in you and the world that you see. You create your world by the thoughts that your project out. When you have full awareness about your emotions, you can have more control about the thoughts that you have. Bring awareness to the emotion, fear, anxiety etc, and look into it. Don't try and escape it, don't try and suppress it. Look at it with eyes wide open and be curious. Why has this come to the surface? What is it showing me? Knowing is freedom. As Osho says, "Awareness is the master key that opens all the doors of life".

Once you are aware of your emotions, check in your body where you are feeling it. I generally feel it in a chakra. If my partner has done something that has upset me, my chest will physically hurt. If I've had trouble expressing something, my throat will feel blocked and it can be harder to breathe.

Ask to clear out anything being held in your energetic and physical body that isn't aligned with your highest self you right now. Call all of the scattered parts of your energy back, anything that has left because you felt unsafe, (fight or flight response), and really focus on feeling whole again.

Expand your base chakra so that it is in balance with the rest of your chakras and envision your connection to the earth to be a thick strong cord. Focus on your breathe and breath up all of the healing energy the earth has to offer. Have it completely fill your entire body. Crystals can be of great use here and if you have any dark stones, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, obsidian or red jasper, they can really aid in grounding and clearing negative energy.

If you are laying down, place the stone where your intuition guides you on your body, (base chakra area, chest, stomach), alternatively you can just hold it. Start taking slow deep breaths. Draw in the grounding, cleansing energy of the stone. Allow yourself to receive the loving healing energy of the earth. Allow it to fill and surround your entire physical and energetic body. Allow the magic of the crystal to absorb all that is blocking you from grounding. With each inhale feel yourself whole, complete and safe. With each exhale, let go of what is no longer serving you in this moment.

When your emotions start to settle, imagine a clear channel of divine white light beaming down from the heavens entering through your crown and filling your entire body. Next bring down a stream of unconditional love healing. Flow it through every cell in your body and all of your chakras. When it enters your heart, expand it out so it fills your whole energy field. Nothing is stronger or more potent than pure unconditional love, so it will have a dramatic effect on healing any situation and helping you feel safe and whole.

Once this energy has filled your aura, you will radiate divine unconditional love. Have the intention to keep expanding this energy and new version of yourself.

Check in to see if there is any anxiety still lingering in your body. If so, try again to ground and release it down through your base chakra and into the earth for healing to occur there.

What have you forgotten about yourself? Remind yourself now that you are safe. You are strong. You are resilient. You are not your emotions. You are ok. Your world is ok. It can be hard to remember these things when we have big emotions and feel unsafe or out of control. But these are absolute truths.

Bring energetic healing to all parts of your body and soul. Remind yourself that you are eternally safe and have faith that you the universe is looking after you.

Whenever you have trouble thinking clearly, pause and drop from your head to your heart. You will always see clearly and receive the guidance from your soul when you are connected to your heart. Your heart knows the ultimate truth.

Steps When Triggered - Awareness

  • How am i feeling?

  • Where am i feeling it?

  • Call self back in

  • Ground and release

  • Bring energetic healing to all parts of your body

  • Remember truths about yourself

  • I am eternally safe

  • My heart always knows the truth

Much love and magic, Jess

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