Tuning In: A Kundalini Yoga Mantra


Article by Lindsey Strong Lekhraj

Tuning In: A Kundalini Yoga Mantra

Tuning In: A Kundalini Yoga Mantra

In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, we begin with a ritual called Tuning In. This beautiful mantra is a sound current that awakens our cells, clears energy around us, connects us to the Divine. It can be so powerful that it feels like a practice in itself. Kundalini mantras have the power to transform the thought patterns of the subconscious mind into serving our highest good. So many specific mantras are given for various results, and can be used by simply listening to a recording, or chanting along for more impact.

Listening to all sounds around us can take us to a lot of different places. From a noisy city street to a quiet country night with a cricket serenade, a crying baby, or the sound of an alarm clock.

When we actively listen in conversations, our business and personal relationships are enhanced. We can hear words, tones, and intentions so differently when we focus on hearing another person. This can result in reaching better solutions to conflicts or bringing out creative direction.

I’ve recently begun to explore sound healing through the use of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. To get technical, the frequencies at which certain bowls sing to us can literally raise our vibration by enveloping us with the energetic resonance connected to specific emotions, chakras, and even cellular activity. These magical instruments can be used to fill a room with love, work one-on-one to cleanse and balance the aura, and can even be used on specific body parts to invoke healing.

One of the most powerful practices can even be taking a moment in silence to just listen to the sound of our own breath. After a long day of taking in sounds, sights, smells, and general vibes from everything around you, allowing yourself to reconnect with your breath can be the first step to truly unwinding. Sitting quietly and tuning in to your body is such an easy way to check out of life’s many distractions, even if just for a few deep breaths.

The practice of tuning in to your body develops the abilities to tune in more clearly to our environments. Suddenly, taking a walk can bring newfound joys as you begin to notice little miracles all around you in the form of birds chirping and flowers blooming. In this age of technology, it is so wonderfully refreshing to log out of social media stimuli and just let yourself tune in to the world within and around you.

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