How to Create a Sacred Space


Article by: John Scardina

How to Create a Sacred Space

How to Create a Sacred Space

There is nothing better than creating a scared space for yourself, your thoughts, your decisions and your business. A space filled with nothing but positive energies. There is no greater tool for the entrepreneur. A space that you have made, inhabit, and create your genius!

I want to share with you some spells/rituals that you may utilize to make your creative space yours. You need not be a Witch or a Reiki Master, nor need anyone to do this for you, you already have all that you need to create and add magic to your sacred space. I like to offer suggestions that help and never hurt, anything I will share here will in simple terms have no right or wrong way to complete.

To start really look at your space, decide what is needed and what is not. Remove all old or stagnant unused items that are just taking up space and collecting dust. Clean this space completely and frequently.

Organize items to your liking and needs, just feel and know where you place your items. Make it comfortable for you.

Add items to your space the resonate or “say you”, Crystals, Salt lamp, candles, flowers, photos or really just anything that is truly a comfort to you. Always have these items nearby.

Cleanse your Space Ritual:

1) You can smudge with Sage, Sage/Cedar, or even Camphor which adds a clean crisp energy to any room.
Ground yourself and quietly meditate (your intent). I would normally cleanse using intent and Reiki symbols and accumulated positive energies that I have picked up. This ritual will be all you and I would ask you to do the following with adding your own desires and energy along with you.

2) Light your incense or sage and begin smudging yourself to cleanse yourself.
Then allow the smudge/smoke to embrace the first wall in your space, I usually start with the East wall and work clockwise to each wall. Using a feather to direct the smudge into the walls, corners, and spaces will help.

3) As you smudge each wall place at least one hand on the wall and feel the energy.
While asking, praying, manifesting, willing or whichever method you choose (never demanding) that each wall be cleansed of anything negative; remain there until you can feel the negativity release.

4) Repeat for each wall, and then finish with the center of the actual space itself.
When completed let the incense or sage burn out completely, if it is a smudge bundle safely smoother it out. Now relax for a moment and enjoy your sacred space! You can repeat this as often as you like.

Adding small bits of Himalayan Salt into each corner of the room will also help absorb negativity. Just remember to collect them every once in a while, and return the salt bits back to the earth.

Create a Balance Mist:

Mix one part bergamot essential oil, one part lavender oil, and one part pine oil in an atomizer containing spring water. Add a pinch of earth and a small hematite crystal to the bottle, and shake it. Use this on yourself and around your space as needed to remain balanced.

Home or Business Protection Spell:

To bless your home or business, place a bowl of candy, herbs, or stones by your front entrance or next to the door of your sacred space (office). Bless the bowl’s contents by speaking the following verse:

“As all who enter here are children of the Great Mother, May those who pass always walk safely in Her steps.” “May they feel the guidance of Her hand, And know she is always with us, From the time, we meet till we meet again.”

Invite visitors to take an offering.

There are so many ways to create your sacred space, add anything to these ideas and make sure to make them your own! Peace & Love!!

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