A Beginner's Guide To Crystals Part 1


Article by Jess Ponzio

A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals Part 1

A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals Part 1

Lots of people are drawn to crystals. They are mesmerized by the magic and sparkle that these beautiful stones radiate. You will feel the pull towards certain ones or types and find that you can be more drawn to one type or another. Crystals have a unique vibration that sets each individual apart from the other. It is easy to know which crystal will help you at any particular time, all you have to do is listen closely and the right one will call you. I say they sing to you and if you can quieten the mind enough and tune in, you will hear their soft song.

Crystals are amazing healers that can weave their magic and help enhance and heal every area of your life. They open up positive energy channels and clear negative energy blockages so that you can function at your highest potential. They can help manifest and draw your desires to you. They will lift a sad mood and help calm trauma. Crystals are the perfect aid to enhance your life.

Here is some knowledge about a few of the classic crystals and the areas that they can most aid in.

Blue kyanite

Kyanite is a beautiful blue “bladed” crystal. It has the amazing quality of clearing and cleansing the energy field and chakras from any negativity or blockages. Kyanite is excellent for meditation and amplifier of high frequency energies so helpful with supporting intuition and psychic abilities. This stone does not hold any negative energy in it so it never has to be cleansed. I have a few large pieces of kyanite and my favourite way to use it is when i am holding negative energy in my aura or have a blockage in a chakra, I will lay down and have it on my torso between my heart and solar plexus. I breathe slowly and deeply feeling the energy of the kyanite dissolving all of the negative blockages and helping my energy flow divinely again.

Clear Quartz

There is no one ultimate healer but clear quartz comes pretty close, having gained the name “master healer” by many. It is the perfect all rounder crystal and can help on so many different levels. It is a potent healer and can be used to absorb, clear, release and regulate energy. Clear quartz raises energy to the highest possible level and cleanses and enhances the subtle bodies. I use clear quartz when i have energy contamination and i hold my pillar against my third eye and feel whatever energy does not belong to me dissolve away and be removed from my energy field. Clear quartz points are great to use in crystal grids, amplifying whatever intention is set for the grid.

Rose quartz

The ultimate love stone and my personal favourite. I love rose quartz for its soft subtle energy. It has such a beautiful vibration and radiates infinite peace and love. Rose quartz teaches the true essence of love and purifies the heart chakra helping us love ourselves completely and give love unconditionally. It calms the heart when trauma has occurred and brings harmony and trust to relationships. Rose quartz helps release unexpressed emotions and allows you to let go of emotional conditioning that no longer serves you. It will help you be receptive to love and learn to accept love from others while teaching you to also love yourself first. Rose quartz will bring you to a state of self acceptance and gain self trust and self worth.

I have many different rose quartz pieces and use them all in my work and personally. I hold them to my heart when it is aching and i make grids with them when i need to bring more love into my life. They are terrific used as elixirs to calm the heart and bring a sense of self love and comfort into your whole being.


Citrine is the brightest and happiest of the stones. Its sparkling yellow colour radiates optimism and happiness. It will bring success and attract abundance into your life. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and stone of the sun. It has a warm energy and stimulates creativity. It grounds negative energy and helps transmute it into positive warm energy. Citrine is the stone of the solar plexus and is a powerful cleanser for this chakra balancing the subtle bodies in this area and aligning them with the physical body. Citrine helps build self esteem and self confidence and enhances your individuality making you comfortable in who you are and less sensitive to outside criticism or caring what others think. Bring on the positive attitude with citrine and start to have confidence in your self expression.

Place it in the far left corner of your bedroom to bring more wealth and prosperity into your life and use it to help build confidence and have a happy outlook.


Carnelian is a magnificent stone. Not only beautiful to look at it, it hold so much power in it. Carnelian grounds and anchors you in the present and helps restore vitality and motivation. It is associated with the sacral chakra and helps with sexual expression. If your feeling shy or like you are unable to fully express your desires, carnelian will guide you to feel comfortable in expressing of your deepest desires. It will stimulate passion and cleanse any negative energy being held in your sexual organs. Carnelian is an amazing stone that has the ability to also cleanse other stones so place other crystals in a bag with a tumbled carnerilan stone or place on top of a larger piece.

I have a large carnelian heart that i like to place on my sacral area in meditation to release any unresolved or blocked energy in that area. It is also great as a centerpiece in a crystal grid to ignite and bring more passion into your life.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is such a magnificent dispeller of negative energy. It will absorb and release any negativity being held in the body and then gently neutralizers the vibrations. Smokey quartz will aid you in stressful times and assist in coping with difficult situations, giving you a sense of peace. It aids in lifting depression and sadness and helps to manifest dreams. Smokey quartz helps energy move through the base chakra so passion can flow naturally. Placed in a room, it will dissolve and calm conflict brining a sense of harmony to the situation. Smokey quartz is one of the most effective grounding stones and has a strong link to the earth and the base chakra. If you are feeling flighty and like your feet aren't touching the ground, smokey quartz will quickly bring you back to earth and anchor you in. Although it is a great grounding stone, it also helps to raise your vibration and is useful in meditation and for scrying to give clear insight. I like to keep smokey quartz in most rooms in the house to always be absorbing any negative energy that comes through. I also use it in healing, pointing away from the body to help release all blockages being held with negative energy.

If you want to get crystals more involved in your life, surround yourself with them, quieten the mind and see which ones sing to you. Enjoy the magic that follows.

Crystals covered in Part 2 include Amethyst, Labradorite, Sodalite, Obsidian and Danburite

Much crystal love, Jess xo

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