Breaking Your Addiction to Negative Energy- Part 1


Article by Grace Calo

Breaking Your Addiction to Negative Energy- Part 1

Breaking Your Addiction to Negative Energy- Part 1

We are energy.

Energy. Something so important to our life experience. One definition from Webster’s dictionary stated energy is a positive spiritual life force. It’s what we need to take action, to think, and something that needs to be recharged when it gets low. It’s something we can feel from others and a driving force that runs through our body. We feel our own energy constantly and it helps to let us know when something feels good or bad. Our energy will adjust and give the appropriate feeling depending on the situation. Ultimately, it’s our bodies way of communicating to our mind and soul.

But what if I told you that the energy we possess communicates to us like any other language? And what if we were never taught how to properly communicate with it or decipher its messages, so we can make informed decisions and live the most efficient life as possible? Most of the population suffers from what I call “negative energy addiction” as a result of not being properly educated in this area.

Let me describe a common scenario many can relate to that may have you questioning your relationship to negative energy. Picture this; have you ever had a moment where you felt like life was too good to be true? Like everything in life has fallen into place but you can’t completely enjoy it because you just know something will happen to mess it up? Now what if I tell you the reason why you couldn’t fully enjoy your current state of being was because you are addicted to negative energy. This addiction doesn’t want you to be in a state of positivity for too long because it weakens it’s hold on you. That will require the negative energy to find a way to create a narrative in your mind to self-sabotage something that is going well. Without the proper tools a person will easily take the bait and create a scenario that allows for the negative energy to be in control again. It’s an ongoing cycle that happens daily and we aren’t even aware.

What is negative energy addiction?

What is the role of negative energy in our lives? First let’s be clear here and state there really is no such thing as “negative” or “positive” energy. It just is, but for the purposes of this article negative energy will refer to all that icky stuff we feel from places, people, and situations. Negative energy gets a bad rep when really it is your friend in disguise. It comes into our lives to simply report to us that the current experience we are having needs to change. The purpose is to STOP and become the AWARENESS of our current reality.

Look around and take notes of your actions in that situation, the behaviors of others, and why you are having this feeling. You are simply supposed to take those notes so you can learn, grow, and NEVER have that experience again. That’s it. Negative energy is a way to protect us from repeating patterns that do not serve our best interest. If you do not listen to it, push it aside, or ignore those feelings the negative energy will get stored in your body and settle into your cells until you communicate with it and acknowledge it. This one little ball of negative energy will inevitably become a huge thing seeping into all areas of your life and even make decisions for you. When there is no effective communication with your negative energy it can quickly turn into a cancer.

When we continue to ignore this energy it takes over and starts to become like a monster in our bodies. Now we need to feed it! How do we feed it you ask? Well by doing and believing in things that continue to make us feel bad. Some examples of this looks like a person who constantly complains, has limiting beliefs, talks badly about others, and agrees to things they don’t want to do. Oftentimes people feel agitated, fearful, anxious, and depressed. While others will use drugs and alcohol to numb themselves. These symptoms occur due to a combination of a person not addressing/healing from past traumas, (past experiences that were “negative”) and not realizing that all negative experiences feed and get bigger and bigger. In some cases people will filter and see the whole world through the lens of their negative addiction, looking for its next “fix”.

What’s Next…

Now that we have an idea of energy and specifically negative energy the next steps is to have a better understanding of how it came to exist in our lives and what we can do to eliminate it. Part two of this article will give you insights on how people often become addicted to negative energy and steps towards healing.

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