Breaking Your Addiction to Negative Energy- Part 2


Article by Grace Calo

Breaking Your Addiction to Negative Energy- Part 2

Breaking Your Addiction to Negative Energy- Part 2

Part one of this article gave a brief overview on energy and its role and purpose in our lives. It went on to focus on negative energy and the addiction many if not all of us suffer from in society without being aware. Now let’s further the discussion and explore how most of us come to be addicted to negative energy and how we can take action steps to eliminate it from our lives.

How do we become addicted?

For most of us the birthplace of our negative energy addiction is during childhood. Maybe there was a time where you didn’t feel seen or heard, or you witnessed your parents fighting, and in extreme cases physical/emotional/sexual abuse occurred. Whatever the situation most kids have to find ways to cope with that feeling (energy) and were never taught that it meant to be felt in order to release, learn, and grow from the experience. Instead, most of us just push it aside and move on thinking it’s all done. Unfortunately, it’s not and that energy grows and multiples as we encounter other experiences that don’t feel good. Pretty soon it’s the norm to live with a cloud of negative energy over our heads.

Even for the seemingly most optimistic person they may complain about the weather or laugh at the latest meme circling on FB. Society, media, culture, friends, and family all perpetuate and normalize the addiction because everyone has various symptoms, therefore everyone can relate to them. Thus, creating a collective unconsciousness of people who are unable to properly process and regulate their emotions (energy).

Side note: Most memes perpetuate stereotypes or make situations that we don’t really enjoy into a sarcastic moment so we can all give ourselves a quick negative energy fix, (ie. all the “Monday sucks” memes is a popular one). Monday doesn’t suck, the fact that you continue to work at a job you hate is what actually sucks.

Steps toward healing

Healing from our negative energy addiction is simple yet complicated. Awareness is the answer. It is the first step and the only way the journey of self-recovery can begin. When we know better, we do better! Allowing yourself to be the awareness to a situation or feeling will give you the ability to see from another perspective that’s not attached to you. This will give you the space needed to ask the negative energy why it showed up in your life.

The answers can be something simple like you are tired, hungry, or need to be alone. Other answers can be more complicated such as you are in a job or relationship that isn’t serving you and it’s time to make great changes. Whatever the answer just knows it’s your bodies way of telling you to live in alignment to your true nature. If you are unsure of what your true nature is, just do things that feel good. That too is your body confirming that you are on the right path. I will warn you, healing from our past will be hard, uncomfortable and painful. One must revisit all the pain and hurt that has ever happened during the course of your life. The addiction arouses because you didn’t come face to face with your pain. Remember if you were addicted to a substance how would it feel to stop?

Our bodies will have withdrawals as we make the necessary changes. This is a lifelong journey. It took you several years, even decades to get to the place where you are now. You must be loving and patient with yourself throughout the entire process. Self-love along with awareness will be the key to a fulfilling, meaningful life. The best part is that the time is always now. You can begin to focus on being the awareness in your life. Focus on your energy and what it saying to you. In due time with persistent action, you will recover and heal from your addiction. Believe in yourself and trust that it is possible.

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