Color Therapy: The Emotional Impact of Tones


Article by Jeannine Chanin Penn
Photo Credit: Ready Gypset Go
Magazine: Issue #41

Color Therapy

Color Therapy

“Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.,

Reflections on the Orlando tragedy and love winning over hate.

I see rainbows all over Facebook, on the Eiffel tower, in the streets of London and rainbow flags peppered throughout the U.S.

As an artist, color has a huge impact on my mood, my choices and my world.  

With the tragedy of Orlando, Florida and the frequent chaos we live with, I encourage you to find your color of love and let it paint your world and lift you, your loved ones and those around you up.

What is the color of love? 

For some it is Red – fiery yet pure, filled with hearts and roses... sometimes intense but always courageous.

For some it is Violet – luxurious, exotic, spiritual and vibrant. It is amethyst and irises and fields of lilacs.

For some it is Blue – Calming, cool and reflective ... it is the deep sea and the sprawling sky.

For some it is Green – Reassuring and refreshing, wealthy and healthy ... it is emerald forests, fertile and lush.

For some it is Yellow – optimistic and confident, the joy of sunshine and light... yellow feels expansive, warm and welcoming.

For some it is Orange – Enthusiastic and fun...succulent citrus and leaves in the fall... it is energy and warmth for your soul.

For some it is Red, Violet, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange... a RAINBOW

What is your color and how can you bring color and light to your life and the world around you?

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