How to Reduce Cravings and Revamp Your Adrenals


How to Reduce Cravings

How to Reduce Cravings

Article by Courtney Hermann  
Photo Credit: Halley Elefante
Magazine: Issue #10

When we hear the saying, spring-cleaning, what comes to mind? I think of cleaning out my closet, getting organized, having a garage sale, etc.…Basically just starting fresh. But how about relating that philosophy of a fresh start to your body, mind, and spirit? As a holistic nutrition coach, I know how important it is to detox and allow your body to rid itself of harmful toxins and impurities. And friends, when I say detox I do not mean you should do a master cleanse or juice fast, I’m talking cutting sugar, gluten, alcohol, processed foods, sugar, dairy, excess caffeine, and did I say sugar? 

By doing so you allow your body to recover, reduce it’s cravings, revamp the adrenals, and give it the LOVE it needs from real nutrient dense foods. Once certain foods are introduced back into your system you will notice how they make you feel and if you have any sensitivities to them. This is called an Elimination diet.

I usually recommend doing this for 7 days and keeping a journal to write down how you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally during and after the 7-day process.

You can infuse a CLEAN plant based meal replacement protein shake (I recommend Vega One), and/or an herbal detox kit (helps to heal from a deeper cellular level) that you can find at Whole Foods or online.

Now for that mind a spirit part I mentioned, that could quite possibly be the most important aspect of your Spring Cleaning. Now more than ever, I have realized the importance of a clear, positive mindset when setting out to do anything. When cleansing, it is key to focus on mindset and giving your self a break from all of life’s stresses and practicing self-care. I know what you’re thinking, easier said than done right? But the results are in the actions.

I suggest the following:

•    Dry Brushing- Brushes off dead skin allowing pours to open for toxin release

•    Hot towel scrub- Take a hot towel, top to bottom, in circular motion to activate the lymphatic system and loosen fat cells.

•    Bath time with essential oils, candles and a good book (an uplifting book, no horror/crime)

•    Incense

•    Calming Teas

•    Restorative or therapeutic yoga/meditation

•    Support-do it with a friend or group

•    Plan ahead

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