How to Make Your Brand Stand Out in a Crowded Market


Be The #1 Brand In A Crowded Market

Be The #1 Brand In A Crowded Market

Article by Gail Shapiro
Photo Credit: Carley Page Interiors
Magazine: Issue #37

It’s a very popular topic and for some of you a very big worry. You think you have a great idea for a business but then you look around to discover “so many others are selling or teaching the very same thing”. So how will you survive, let alone be the huge success you dream of becoming? If you look around carefully and closely at what you are perceiving to be your competition I promise:

“You will not find anyone doing exactly what you do – exactly how you do it!”

And that’s exactly how it should be.

Think about this: when you decide to buy a book on any given topic whether you are trotting off to the local book store or shopping online, as soon as you start searching you discover there are oodles of books to choose from.
:: Are they all written by the same author?
:: Do they all have the same title? Typeface? Pictures? # of pages?
:: Are they all written in the same style?
:: Are they all bound the same?
:: Do they all cover exactly the same details from the same perspective or
:: Out of the entire selection is there one book that stands out and appeals to you above all others?

Let’s say you need a new pair of black heels so you head out to the mall.
:: Do all the stores carry the same styles?
:: Are all the black pumps the same price point?
:: Does one store more have a more comfortable shopping vibe?
:: Is the customer service the same in all the stores?
:: Is one store more stylish than the others?
:: Is one store just calling your name?
:: Do you find that one special pair that you just can’t live without?

I could go on pointing out the ways all these businesses are different but I think you are starting to see that even though the fundamental topic of the competition may be the same, that the “packaging and presentation” of the message or product is different every time.

As a customer or client yourself, I’m certain you have shopped in stores you have loved and can’t wait to go back to and those you would never set foot in again. You have likely worked with coaches or mentors you could relate to and followed to the letter and at the same time you have refused to work with others because they just didn’t get you or you could relate on some level.

Well it’s the same for you. You are not meant to sell or work with everyone looking for help on your topic. You must create your own Brand Magic that will attract the followers you are looking to work with. (lets get real here – you can’t and don’t want to work with everyone – it’s your business and your rules – be selective!)

You get to choose:
WHAT you want to sell
WHO you want to sell it to
HOW you want to deliver it
YOUR PERSPECTIVE or angle on the topic
PRICING for your products or programs

That’s your Brand Magic! Your Brand Magic will make you the #1 Brand to the fans and stalkers you want as clients!