3 Ways to Create Sacred Space While Taking Over The World



Article by Maha Jai "Ahja" Touré     
Photo: Flea Market Fab     Issue#41

As Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Holistic Change Makers, we are bombarded with messages that we need to put ourselves out there, to come out of hiding, to express our  “genuine” selves. While this is encouraged, what is oftentimes overlooked is our need for private sacred space. We need time to dream our grandest dreams, space o discover our deepest knowing, space to learn about ourselves, space to grow in private

1.    Spend time in silence everyday. Sit still. Daydream. Listen to the small still voice.

Many of the great Entrepreneurs that came before us recognized and practiced this truth. Napoleon Hill had is Invisible Counsel Technique. Walt Disney would close his eyes and dream. Edison is quoted as saying that…”Inspiration comes from out of space”. They and many of our great change makers accepted the need for quiet, for daydreaming. Find time in your day to melt into this practice.

2.    Create a sacred sanctuary, an oasis.

This can be any place that you can go to for comfort or the feeling of being safe. It can be your bathroom where you have candles, bath salts and essentials oils for healing and self-care. It can be can be a corner of your home where, an altar of flowers or a plant, books and family pictures instantly bring you the feeling of love, comfort and safety. It can be a park, beach or backyard that you can go to be with nature to feel the sweet embrace of the Universe. Let your imagination soar with this one.

3.    Give conscious time and energy to your relationships.

This is a big one for many entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs are often busy “building business”, that they sometimes overlook their greatest source of comfort, the love of family, friends and loved ones. They are the people who truly know who you are at the core your being, and they love you anyway!  Nurture those relationships. Be open and vulnerable. Don’t talk business. Talk about anything but business. The rewards for keeping those relationships strong are priceless.

These are simple and effective techniques that can be used by any Holistic Entrepreneur to create a sacred space that is safe, calming and uniquely you!

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