Holistic Healing Options: BodyTalk to Heal the Heart


Article by Lyn Delmastro  
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Magazine: Issue #13

Holistic Healing Options

Holistic Healing Options

Single was my state for many years no matter what I did. Networking, online dating, speed dating, and even working with a matchmaker.  I was convinced “It just isn’t easy to find the right guy”. Life appeared destined for dating despair until February 2013 when I started receiving BodyTalk sessions. 

BodyTalk is a powerful, gentle, and effective healing modality that is based on the idea that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves. Through neuromuscular feedback, a BodyTalk practitioner uncovers what areas in the body, mind, and spirit are not in balance. Then it uses gentle tapping over the head and heart to help the bodymind self-heal. After my first session in February, I began receiving regular BodyTalk sessions. Gradually I released old belief systems and energetic patterns that blocked me from finding love. I wasn’t consciously aware of many of these beliefs that impeded my ability to attract love.

How did BodyTalk help me do this? 

From a very early age, we all are conditioned to believe certain things. These belief systems come from our families, our friends, religious institutions, and popular culture. When we hear our parents say things like “You have to work hard to get what you want” or we watch them go through challenges in their relationship, we come to believe certain things about how the world operates. Some of these beliefs are conscious and we aren’t even aware of some others.

BodyTalk helps to surface these belief systems and any active memory traumas associated with them. An active memory simply means one that has an emotional charge to it. BodyTalk works to actually release these active memories from the body, particularly the connective tissue. 

To clear these beliefs and traumas, a simple hand position on the face is used to connect three energy areas. The practitioner guides the client to move her eyes in circles to stretch the eye muscles and activate the brain centers involved. Concurrently, the practitioner gently taps over their head and sternum which stimulates the brain to disassociate this active memory. Many times all that is necessary to release the charge of these memories is to simply trigger the subconscious mind into clearing the emotion without having to surface it as a painful memory. Many times only one session is needed to achieve this.

In my case, beliefs about it being unsafe to be loved, thinking my single status was permanent, and active memory traumas of past romantic rejection in relationships surfaced and were released in a year’s worth of sessions. Once they were gone, finding the right partner happened with ease.

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