DIY Balancing Spray for Holistic Entrepreneurs


Article by John Scardina

DIY Balancing Spray for Holistic Entrepreneurs

DIY Balancing Spray for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Many of us as Holistic entrepreneurs are here and changing the world one client at a time usually with the precision of a well-built Swiss time piece. But the one thing most people (clients) don’t know about our efforts is the balancing act most of us deal with 24/7.

Those moments when we simultaneously manage our business, our full-time careers, our families (yes this is a shout out to all of the Holistic moms out there), while still attempting to maintain our sanity all for the purpose of living our passion as entrepreneurs. We don’t do this because it’s easy, hard or of any common necessity, we do it because we know deep in our DNA this is the direction of our path.

Think about it for a minute, just a minute because really a minute is a lifetime in our realm. The average person let’s say has a 9 to 5 job.

They wake up get ready for work, slam down some coffee and a pastry on the way to work and do their 8 or more hours and go home, get a bit done around the house and start all over again the next day.

Pretty tedious, right! Now let’s get on with the day in a life of the holistic entrepreneur.

We wake up in the morning checking our journal, that we wrote in from the night before because we were up at 3AM brainstorming in said journal for about two hours. We now get ready for our full-time career (many of us have one) and or our domestic duties (sorry no puns intended here) and on our way into work and or while getting the kids ready, we start to plan our business needs that will occupy our full attention later.

When the day’s distractions are over, yes, these events are distractions, they are also a necessity for those of us who still depend on the reality and security of the normal life and career. This normal life for us holds a duality, that only we understand as we balance between necessity and passion.

We are on the proverbial Tight Rope balancing the greater good daily and always functioning on two planes of existence (See how Spiritual we are, living in two dimensions).

When the day is near to an end, it’s when we start to shine, and put forth our efforts into our business. When most people reach the end of their day, it’s the end of the day, but now for us it’s time to meet with clients, hold our workshops, work on our business plan and live our passion fully.

Once this is complete, then we also get a bit done around the house.  It is a balancing act of great proportion and can leave us fatigued and overwhelmed at the day’s end. It’s important to remember all that we do and to take careful steps to make sure we keep the balance and not fall off of that rope.

Our time is coming, our passion will rise over the necessity and one day in perfect harmony we will not need to be concerned about this duality. Once we cross this rope safely and reach the platform at the other end, we shall realize it was all worth it and anything else would have just been boring!

I wanted to include here something I found that can help with keeping life balanced.

Balance Equilibrium Spray

1:: Before facing the next hectic day of business, prepare a balancing and grounding concoction at home a day in advance. This is beneficial for easing nerves and anxiety.

2:: Mix one part bergamot essential oil, one part lavender oil, and one part pine oil in an atomizer containing spring water. Add a pinch of earth and a small hematite crystal to the bottle, and shake it.

3:: Before getting dressed, spray a fine mist over your body, your limbs, and the soles of your feet.

The atomizer may be taken to work and sprayed around your desk and work area to soothe frazzled nerves, draw harmony, and prevent overwhelming negative emotions.

A tiny sprinkling of earth beneath the desk grounds energy and alleviates stress.

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