Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business

Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business

Get Educated Before You Start Your Holistic Business


Article by John Scardina
Photo Credit: Spell & the Gypsy Collective
Magazine: Issue #33

Lessons learned from running a Holistic business can sometimes be the hardest, but they do teach you well. Many people hold dreams of owning their own business and rarely understand everything needed to know prior to starting. This is exactly what dreams are, we manifest deep in our souls the delightful thoughts of entrepreneurial freedom, the removal from the daily 9 to 5 grind that we have been brought up to expect.

One of the first steps to being a holistic business owner is to be a visionary. You need to see in detail what problem you are able to solve for a niche market of some of the most open minded, intelligent, spiritual, and well-rounded customers. This is where education comes in, this is not your average type of business. Clients and customers in this realm are not main stream, they are also thinkers and visionaries searching for answers to natural problems with natural solutions. Knowing just this alone allows you to have an edge on others looking into the same type of business. You need to be educated with your problem solving and comfortable presenting it.

Educating yourself may sometimes require a business coach (highly recommended).

This is something I did not start out with and looking back, I wish that I had. I have learned so much almost too late with amazing coaching from Holistic Fashionista. By the way not just my opinion, but the opinion of many who have utilized their services.

You need to be educated and connected to your community whether virtual or actual. Those that you meet through networking depending how you approach it usually are in or near the same type of business realm as you and hold valuable information and experience. Talk with these contacts, check your area and see what similar businesses are there and see what they are missing, (services not offered). Introduce yourself, approach them. Ask if they are interested in sharing about their journey in business, you will be surprised of this openness from other business owners.

There is so much to share in regards to being educated in a holistic business, these are just a few of the highlights to remember.

1| Know the problem you are going to solve/educate yourself in this solution.
2| Check trends in natural health services/educate yourself in these trends.
3| Understand adaptation in these trends/educate yourself in adaptation.
4| Research the marketing needed for this solution/Are clients looking for this solution?
5| Will services be completed online/in person or a combination of both/Educate yourself on how this will suit you and your business.
6| Know the client that you are looking for/educate yourself on this.
7| Present yourself as a professional that has all of the answers/educate yourself on all of the answers.
8| Network with like businesses/educate yourself on their business.
9| Do get a business coach, such a Holistic Fashionista (Highly recommended)/yes education can be purchased, universities do it all the time!

Educating yourself in these events and hiring a coach will bring your holistic business success a lot faster than trying to tackle everything yourself. “Educate yourself”, I just needed to say it one more time!