What are You Known For? Everybody's Got Their Something


Article by Cinthia Singleton
Photo Credit: Rose Jane
Magazine: Issue #19

Everybody's Got Their Something

Everybody's Got Their Something

We spend an awful lot of time and energy trying to find our own brilliance and the hidden talents that make us special and give us value.  As Nikka Costa sings, “Everybody got their something.”




Some get to find their ‘something’ early in life and the quest is about perfecting it while others struggle with breaking out of prescribed comfort zones to take steps and make discoveries toward It (the WHAT that we accomplish).  We become known for It and then, if we’re lucky, we receive ribbons, prizes, money and more!  Really, it begins as an essence that radiates outward for which no golden guy is ever given. 

Essence is energy.

Energy is transferrable.

Energy transforms.

We are energetic beings.

Let’s stop letting our linear mind complicate things.  Now. 

What a waste of energy it is to search and search in order to GET something or an outcome when you can take that energy and put it into creating fundamental interactions that bring more of this brilliance TO you and, therefore, the right outcomes for you?

We’re talking about finding our own brilliance by way of “like attracting like.”  Search for it in others, surround yourself in that appreciation of the simplest of somethings, and yours is/are easier to find.  See?  It’s a magnetic field that you create just by being energetically engaged.

Here’s an exercise to include in your day-to-day activities with every person you encounter.  The person you pass on the street.  The clerk at the store.  The mail carrier.  Someone ahead of you in line.

1| Stop all thoughts and judgment.  Take a breath and center in this moment.

2| Just look at the person.  Observe them for a moment, quickly.  What is the ONE unique thing about them that you can say is unique, interesting, special.  Another way to look at this is: what is the thing about them radiates?

Kind eyes

Warm energy

The swift way they relate to a problem

Their thoroughness

Sound of their laugh

Animated hands when they speak

3| Don’t put them into a category or type.  Energetic beings have no title, rank, nationality, color.  When you find yourself doing so, go back to that quality in Step 2.  

4| If they make eye contact with you, smile.  Oh, what the heck… even if they don’t make eye contact, smile; smiles are energetic blessings.

The simplest things will speak to you. 

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