How to Get Glowing Skin From Within


Article by Tanna Lyon

How to Get Glowing Skin From Within

How to Get Glowing Skin From Within

Hormone production in our body is the responsibility of the Endocrine Systems. Hormones are the chemical messengers working 24/7 in our body, helping the cells, tissue and organs communicate with each other within the body. These hormones have important roles to play in our skin health.

Below, we will examine the roles of some of the hormones and how they influence the skin health:

Estrogen | Estrogen is usually focused on when talking about aging and how it affects looks. The production of this hormone starts to diminish during menopause. Estrogen helps maintain structural integrity and fluid balance because of its capacity to increase glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) like Hyaluronic Acid. Estrogen is crucial in our cycle as humans as it effects skin moisture, thickness and wrinkle formation thus influencing our skins ability to remain plump, youthful and supple. Testosterone along with estrogen peak normally just before ovulation and it is this testosterone at peak levels that ensure that our skin remains glowy especially when there is a perfect amount of estrogen secretion to go with it. Without the right amount of estrogen to go with the testosterone, secretion of the testosterone alone might lead to clogged up pores.

An increase in the synthesis of collagen, which is the underlying support structure, is made possible by estrogen and this helps maintain a plump youthful look. Skin aging is significantly influenced by Collagen atrophy.

Progesterone | when it comes to vitality and beauty, progesterone is one of the most important hormones. This hormone is commonly referred to as the pregnancy hormone and is usually dominant during the second half of the cycle. Skin elasticity and circulation is enhanced by this hormone and it is usually produced in large quantities during the second half of our cycle. The production of sebum also increases during this phase and although the skin may swell, the skin also looks supple during this period and the pore sizes get smaller, which isn’t a bad thing but compression may trap oil beneath the skin surface thus resulting in inflammation.

Progesterone is the hormone that effects energy and appearance and it is a shame that it reduces as we get older. You might be running low on progesterone if you observe that nails or skin of your heels and hands are dry or cracking or if you notice bouts of acne. You may also observe moodiness, low energy, foggy thinking etc. similar to estrogen, this hormone decreases naturally with age and are not irretrievable – your body has the capacity to make a lot more.

Testosterone/Androgens | these hormones are found in smaller amounts in women and predominantly in men. Some think this hormone is a guy’s hormone however; women have it in less quantity. This hormone affects your personality and is usually felt during sex or any other thing you do passionately. It helps prevent bone loss and even helps in building more while maintaining the balance ratio of fat to lean muscle mass, thus ensuring your body strength is maintained. You are likely to have less interest in trying out new things or may have a lackluster attitude towards sex if you are low on testosterone because you libido is diminished and you will feel tired most of the time.

Your body complexion may be affected by the energetic effects of this hormone, especially if you feel tired almost all through the day and aren’t getting adequate sleep at night. As expected, this hormone works with estrogen and is also affected by the progesterone levels in the body. These hormones should be balanced and in the right quantities however, excess of it can lead to health conditions like irregular periods, unwanted facial hair, PCOS, excess skin oil production etc. and this could lead to acne and congestion.

Cortisol | popularly referred to as the stress hormone, the cortisol keeps us thinking, motivated and ensures we carry out our daily tasks. Conditions such as weight gain, sleep disorder, anxiety, hormonal imbalance and fertility issues are experienced we experience excess cortisol levels and chronic elevated stress. This hormone, in collaboration with adrenal steroids can act as adrenal steroids and this may result in acne. Women are susceptible to a reaction from excess pro-inflammatory cortisol-sugar-insulin connection and the effects of too much androgen (male hormones).

Sugar and Insulin | Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas that enables the body make use of sugar (glucose) from carbohydrate while storing the excess ones for future use. Blood sugar levels are significantly increased by foods that breakdown fast such as the processed and sugary foods and this causes the body to secret more insulin than it does usually in a quest to balance them with other foods like vegetables and whole grains. It has been established that high levels of unused insulin can stimulate oil production and androgen activity. A serious increase in inflammation at a cellular level is observed whenever our blood sugar and insulin levels rise – be it from stress or from poor diet. This results in continuous skin inflammation.

Adaptogen Blend + Glow Recipe

Beauty and hormonal functions are significantly enhanced by this warming latte, thanks to tacos, a superfood made from rice capable of promoting connective tissues and healthy skin. This tones the body and nourishes the skin and hair.


•    12 ounces (1 ½ cups) almond milk
•    ½ teaspoon schisandra berry + extra for garnish.
•    ½ teaspoon ashwaganda
•    ½ teaspoon he shou wu
•    1 tablespoon tocos + extra for garnish


•    Get a powerful blender where you can pour tacos, ashwaganda, he shou wu and schisandra.
•    Get a small saucepan where you can heat the almond milk over medium heat until its just simmering. Then pour it in the blender with the herbs
•    Blend till its frothy. This should take about 30 seconds if the blender is set on high.
•    Pour content into a cup and sprinkle with extra tocos and berry powder to give it that lovely look.

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