Featured Interview: Laura Jade Stone


Interview by Angel Quintana
Photo Credit: Laura Jade Stone
Magazine: Issue #38

Photo by: Laura Jade Stone

Photo by: Laura Jade Stone

How did you first get into Instagram blogging and gain such a large following?
I was uploading for fun in my spare time. I’ve always enjoyed putting together outfits and styling different looks. People started responding well to my photos it just sort of gained a steady traction. 

What inspires your photos? 
Heaps of different things! A certain piece of clothing I fall in love with.. Or a mood/vibe I want to emulate.. Or it may be a particular location I find that I want to shoot in!

Who generally takes pictures of you?
Usually friends or my partner.. Behind every blogger is the “insta boyfriend” haha 

What typically goes in to the production of all your photos? 
I piece together the outfit, do my hair and makeup. Grab coffee and find the location. Then just play around until we have the shot we want! But some photos are completely unplanned and usually they end up being the best shots!

What are some of your favorite clothing brands that you get to promote through your insta/blog?
I have so many faves! I’m loving Rebel & Stone at the moment, they have amazing stuff! And for sure Lee Denim and Tony Bianco!

Photo by: Laura Jade Stone

Photo by: Laura Jade Stone

Describe your typical morning of getting ready?
I’m such an early bird, I like time to relax in the morning before I begin my day. I shower, do my makeup and hair then get dressed. I usually plan my outfit the night before so I don't have to stress about finding something to wear. 

When you’re not taking rad pictures, what do you like to do in your free time?
Spend time with my family and friends. I love cooking so on Sunday mornings I like going to the Markets to get fresh food.

Who’s your favorite style icon?
Alexa Chung for sure! I also love Gigi Hadids look! 

What’s your favorite filter?
I use the Aden filter on all my photos. It adds a nice pastel wash and gives my Instagram a consistent feel.

What’s something you wish you’d have known when you first started Instagramming?
That its more than just your mates uploading club photos - that its actually filled with fashion, style and beauty from all corners of the world that we get explore, see and add to!

What’s a piece of advice you’d like to give on style and taking Instagram worthy photos?
Choose a key item that you love and piece your outfit together from there. Don't be afraid to try something a little different from time to time. For your photos - find good lighting, interesting backgrounds and capture a nice warm feel or mood. 

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