Get Yourself Back on Track: Do What the Dogs Do


Get Yourself Back on Track

Get Yourself Back on Track

Article by Cinthia Singleton
Photo Credit: Michelle Kim
Magazine: Issue #18

We always want to belong, and to something greater than ourselves.  Family. Community. A dogma that brings us to others and, in turn, closer to the reason for BEING. But when life and its daily events get in the way, our sense of composure can get derailed; and we can forget the real reasons for being here.

How to get back on track? Be the dog. Certainly they are the most loyal, faithful of companions but they are also the greatest teachers about maintaining composure.

1| Be in the now. Right. Now. In that moment and only it. Leave the baggage and pre-conceived notions at the door. Breath in deeply and accept the moment as, say, a passing cloud, then exhale. Now’s all there is; dogs know this. 

2| Take in the situation. Be open to observing it without taking action. Take in the smells, its “posture,” how it looks, the lighting, perhaps how it appears to react to you. Does your gut say something? Good. Tuck this valuable kernel away for later. It’s important information with regard to your anxiety, fears and/or judgement but for now you’re just impartially observing. Dogs don’t judge; but they spend a lot of time gathering sensory information. 

3| Be grateful that you are there. Attendance is a big part of it, complete engagement the goal, and there you ARE! Can you feel how you’re tied to the earth, the energy going from the soles of your feet, through the floor and into the earth like the trunk of a strong, tall tree? Yea! Now you are connected to the bigger picture! Dogs greet the day with the wag of a tail, their greatest desire to connect which they don’t even question.

4| You’ve been in the moment. You’ve smelled that rose. You want to move on? Do it. Move on. Bring to the next moment this awareness of NOW. Remember, dogs live in the now. lol

What if you just can’t do it? You try and try but your mind whirs and it can’t be calmed. Well, here’re a couple things dogs also do you might want to try: a) breath, b) take a walk, c) sttttrrrrretch those muscles, d) take a quick power nap, e) dig into a meditative project. A dog night chew a toy, but you could clean or do a crossword puzzle.

And keep trying. The thing about dogs is that they are wired to greet situations with an open mind - completely and utterly - as if they’ve never been there before - well, unless they come with a past like the humans who love them!

Be the dog.

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